Thursday, 6 May 2021

All about the amazing Daniel Smith Watercolor Confetti Dots

Want to learn more about the amazing Daniel Smith Watercolour Confetti cards? Then look no further! Expert watercolourist Kassi Shows us how amazing these paints and what a little gem this tiny pack really is...

Saturday, 1 May 2021

How crafters can own a million colors (almost) of Daniel Smith watercolor paint for under $30

Hello! This is Kassi and today I am sharing an insight into using Daniel Smith watercolor paints in my craft coloring! This is one of my favourite mediums to use when I color my cards - I think I may be a little addicted and you will see why below!

You can find the products I'm using here at Polkadoodles (see at the end for links) - and I think when you see the swatches etc I was able to create from this tiny little pack below you will be astounded.

Nikky and I both ADORE these Watercolor Dots which are produced by Daniel Smith, so we talked about how we could really show you, as crafters, how simple and easy, but most of all how AFFORDABLE this system is for a crafter to use - no more spending an arm and a leg trying to buy a million colors of paint!

I hope you find this little journey with me interesting and will give these stunning paints a try out soon...

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