Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pan Pastel Heaven, Sizzling Sizzix and Metallic Lushness

So! Here is the first reveal!
Well, they're all part of the same reveal really!

Shall I get on with it? I know you've been waiting 3 days now!

Here goes....

On Friday we took delivery of our first stock of brand brand new superbly luscious Pan Pastels....not just any old Pan Pastels....METALLIC PAN PASTELS!!!

WHoop Whoop!!!

And Oh My!! What a Joy they are to use!!
I've been waiting a while for these babies to arrive and it's been killing me to wait i don't mind telling you! The effects you can achieve with these are stunning, as I hope you can see. I made this card while I was playing around on Saturday and we were all blown away by how easy and quick it was to do! 

The Poinsettia's are stamped onto black card and coloured with Permanent Red, Yellow Ochre and a selection of the metallic Pan Pastels.
There are 6 metallics in total - and you NEED them ALL!! Colorfin have spent a VERY long time making sure these were exactly the right consistency for what we need and they have achieved a fantastic result.  When you first open them up your mind is tricked into thinking they are a cream because they sit there shimmering at you but don't be fooled, this is a SERIOUS product with some amazing potential for craftiness!

When I first opened them I swished some onto white card....hmmm....okay....black card.....hmmm okay, much better, really shows the pigments off.....gets out the Versamark inkpad....OH...M...GEEEE!! TOTAL AND UTTER LUSHNESS!

I've had these in my hands for 24 hours now and in that time I have used with masks, stamps, watercoloured, heat embossed by making an embossing powder, verdigris'ed, patina'd, buffed....I cannot stop using them! I'm in Pan Pastel heaven!

Now anyone who knows me knows i"m not really one to go in for lots of bling and glitter and metallic card doesnt even exist in my world...but I am VERY Partial to creating some proper, kosher Faux Metal effects when I get the chance. So now there is no stopping me.

Go Buy all 6 now! They are on the Polkadoodles website and are worth every single penny. Even if you just swish them around the edges of your cards, the shimmer is stunning without being OTT and in your face. It's subtle. And subtle is always beautiful. A simple case of Less is more. Except you will be PP'ing every single surface in sight! 

On this card I simply embossed a piece of white card, inked it with Versamark and then dabbed on different colours. I wanted a bit of a patina look so I added a little Turquoise shade in the mix too (yes, don't forget you CAN mix these with all your other colours too woohoo!). I built the colour up in a couple of layers to make it look like Faux metal with rivets on. This was a Sizzix embossing folder by the way (sorry don't know what it's called, it could be one that comes with the Big Shot Starter kit as I recently got that). I then did the same thing with the die-cut frame, again from Sizzix.  The background paper I actually made from scratch too, using a fantastic new mask which we have on the website here - again using Versamark through the mask onto white paper and dabbing different colours on then buffing it off at the end. 

This is one of my favourite cards I've made in a long time.

Until I show you the one tomorrow!

See ya!


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