Thursday, 11 December 2014

Tea for one and cupcake shortages....

Hi again! Wow I'm catching up on loads of posts here LOL! Brownie points all round yay!

I thought I'd share another little Teapot make to follow on from the last one - goes to show how versatile one image can be.  Again the teapot is from the Winston collection and I've cut the elements on my Cameo for speed but you can easily just hand cut them....

When I design the images for the collections because I'm a crafter too I always try to bear in mind how easy it would be to hand cut something out as I know that's what I'd want to do too! So generally you'll find all our images are pretty easy to cut by hand...
I cut two teapots and joined them together on the lid to make a simple tent card, and then decoupages all the other elements alongside it to make a little Tea for One...

Really wish I had a cupcake right now LOL!!
Don't forget you can also get the Winston collection as a full CD download HERE, it's a must have!

Be back soon! 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Traditional dollies - DoCrafts Creativity Magazine Issue 52

Hello, I'm back again!

Hope the Christmas madness hasn't set in too much and you're getting time to craft a little! 

Just thought I'd share another make which appears in the current DoCrafts Creativity Magazine, issue 52 which you should still be able to grab - it's full of fab Christmas ideas so if you need some last minute inspiration make sure you get it!

This card I really hated when i made it but now I look with fresh eyes it's grown on me LOL. I'm not a big fan of Russian Dolls, mainly because the predominant colour I think of is that gaudy yellow and as y'all know....I'm not a yellow fan LOL!!
Yes it really does affect me that much!

I made this using some fab Russian Doll dies from XCut which are available now and you could use these all year round. I'd like to use these with a different colour scheme to see how different they could look but I made this specifically for Crimbo hence lots of red. If you love these Russian Dolls which I know lots of you do, this die is really terrific, you get lots of sizes and loads and loads of layers including all these faces and hair etc, you just need to cut lots of different layers to do this and get your markers out to colour the faces. You can get a copy of Issue 52 out now in your local stores or online at

Back soon!!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

I'm a little teapot, short and stout....

As you can see I'm catching up on some posts LOL! Well I have been so absent of late I think it's rude not to share haha!

Here's another Winston make....
LOVE this little teapot how cute...And you know the best thing? This took about 15 mins to make once the bits were cut beacuse I took all the elements from the CD and put them into my Cameo Silhouette and bob's your uncle, boom, clap, sound of my heart and it was all cut and all I did was add a bit of glue....
Don't forget you can also get the Winston collection as a full CD download HERE, it's a must have!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Having a Ballet little rest....

Yo! Hope you're all doing great!
Just wanted to pop on by and show you this little cutiepie!

I adore this Ballerina image which is available as part of our Work & Play 2 collection and also on individual digistamp here.

I coloured this one with Distress Markers to give me a really soft feel but they are sooo vibrant and lush I'm a little in love I must confess!

See you soon! x

Thursday, 27 November 2014

It's an Anniversary of Kraft!

Just thought I'd share a make with you from the lovely Winston Collection (you can also get this on download here

I wanted to create a Bear collection for such an age but every time I was ready to start sketching and creating it seemed someone else released a bear collection too...and if there's one thing I hate it's overkill and being 'the same' as everyone else or jumping on the bandwagon LOL! So it's taken 5 years for us to get our Bears and it had to be something special!

If you love bears you'll love Winston - but even if you don't you will ADORE it anyway as a collection in it's own right because there is a TON of stuff in this collection and the core basis of it is that it is Kraft paper based and full of sepia tones and pastels to die for.

The image used here was printed straight from the collection and is a precoloured image just placed on a kraft cardstock. The 'Anniversary' which you can't see well at the top is actually one of the lush cutting files, as is everything else from the collection too including the fab little wood effect sentiment.

See you back soon!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

SO exciting!....Gorjuss fings!

OMG I cannot believe how absent I've excuses really other than work work work as usual but I know that it is just not good enough and I promise to try harder, honestly I do!!
I'm going to try and catch up with some posts of things I've made and not really been able to show you!

Well firstly I've been hiding this under my hat for a few months now dying to tell you that I am very honoured indeed to have been chosen to be part of the DoCrafts Creativity Magazine team! I consider this a great honour because there are some superbly talented people who submit projects to Creativity and I am very excited to be part of it.  The DoCrafts range of products has undergone some massive changes recently and every time I go in my local Range or Hobbycraft stores here I paw every packet of goodies on those shelves I can tell you! They have some amazing stash and unfortunately for my purse most of it is right up my street LOL!...
One of the ranges that they stock which I have adored from Day one is of course,
it seems to have been around forever now but I never tire of it, I just adore the whole style and everything about it so when I was asked to create something using the amazing Ultimate Die-cut & Paper Gorjuss kit I was beside myself with glee!....

As you can imagine, this was a total joy to make for me....
You need to get a copy of Issue 52 of Creativity Magazine for the instructions on how I made this...
it was much easier than it looks and uses some key products you really NEED in your stash!....the photo doesnt do the dimension justice really, the front panel is a big box panel which stands about an inch proud from the card to make a lovely frame for the character (I made a box for this to be sent in)...
I am such a dimensional, pile it high and build those layers girl so I really went to town here....

The kit is stunning and it goes for miles and miles and miles! considering how much 'stuff' is on here I barely touched the kit and I think I must have 95% of it still left it's such great value for money!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Who Knew?...that Pan Pastels are great for THIS!

Hey everyone!

It's time for a new challenge over on the Pan Pastels blog today so if you haven't already checked it out you can see the new theme and amazing inspiration HERE.

I don't often get chance to join in with Pan Pastels although I'm on the team so it's a treat when I can join in the fun!

This week I saw a blog somewhere and she totally inspired me to try something I hadn't really done before. Well I had, but in a 5 minutes quickie have a go at it and see if it works way...not a proper try and push it to the max way.

So last night I got out my Pan Pastels and the AMAZING new pearlescent ones (they also have mediums which I'll explain!)...and this is what happened...
Pretty Cool huh?....nooo I'm merely messing with you, THIS BELOW is what actually happened!
The WHOLE of this card
 - ALL of it - 
is coloured with Pan Pastels.
Yes.     It's true!
Isn't that fantastic??!!!!!
And you know what is even better? It was pretty easy to do too!
I predict a whole new colouring craze for me I can tell you!

So basically once I got over the overthinking it part I just coloured it with more or less the same skill set as with any markers or watercolours really - and had my Distress Ink head on too.

You need 2 brushes - a nice fine one and then one which is a bit fatter, maybe a No 2 or something...
Now, as I was experimenting I tried a few things all on the same image and I think together it worked pretty well. I'm so gonna do a tutorial for this when I get a minute!
So the face is just applied with a soft dry brush using Burnt Sienna with Permanent Red for the cheeks and a little Dark Grey around the outer dark shadows.

Hair - Violet. Now this is where I changed a bit as I went on. I applied most of it with a dry fine brush, but then I dampened the brush a bit and mixed the pigment to a paint to do the darker areas where I wanted a lot more definition. So that was kind of layering 2 techniques up really and I spent a lot of time deciding which I liked best - in the end it was the combination which won for me. I really wish I had a black Pan Pastel because I think that was what I was missing in my mind.
Clothes: this was pretty easy! Nice big sweeps give the best blends and you barely need to touch the pigment. I used my Ultimate Graphic paper, it just worked like a dream. Less is more and you can move the colour so much you get really soft blends. 

As I was playing around a lot I did get my background around the image a bit smudgey but you can use a rubber to clean it off anyway, although I just used it as a base to build my background which was really just cleaning off any excess grains I had in my palette!  and bing, that was it!

To make my card for the challenge I just took an embossing folder and then coloured with co-ordinating colours of Pan Pastels and made up the card. THe flowers are actually Martha Stewart clay and I dipped them in water then brushed on Pan Pastels to colourise and did the same with the lace which was originally white. To finish I just sprayed lightly with cheap hairspray to seal it all in.  

The image is my new witch download which is available from the Polkadoodles store.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Design Team Call

Hey all you awesome crafters!

I am currently looking for a couple of awesome colourers to join me on a new Digi Colouring team!  This team will showcase our digi range (this is not a challenge) every 2 weeks.

At Polkadoodles we have a variety of products from digistamps and clear and rubber stamps, digital CD collections to die cut sheets,  not to mention lots of other things we do and make.
We are always on the lookout for exceptional creative talent that can help us make our products look great and help to promote the Polkadoodles brand.

Our digital products are constantly growing and we have just become sponsors over at Kit and Clowder. We love digis and we need people who love our images!

We do have some stringent requirements for our teamies but if you can manage the following we'd love to hear from you:

1. You must be able to commit long term to a team - many people underestimate how important this is, we're not interested in people who flit from team to team to gain new stash or having no staying power, we commit to you and so we need that commitment back.
2. You must be able to complete projects on time to deadline - deadline failure is a big no no!
3. You must be able to post FORTNIGHTLY every 2 weeks and an additional project here and there as and when required.
4. We look for variety within the team so it's not always about having the best of everything in one person - we want to show how versatile our products are.
5. Skill level - you need to be of a suitable skill level and be capable of good composition in your projects. Projects need to be finished to a high standard.
6. Colouring skills - for this team we need an awesome colourer! If you are applying for the Digi team you need to be good at colouring and this must be your forte.
7. Photos - you MUST be able to take good photos of your work. Your photos represent our products and they need to be a good standard to showcase them properly.
8. Blogs and Social Media - you must have a blog which is updated regularly and be present on Social Media - or if you're not you must be willing to be involved in Social Media. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and any others that come along too!

You will be generously rewarded with products to use during your time on the team in return for your hard work and commitment.  

Most of all - we need people who ADORE craft and live and breathe for it. We want people who are always looking to improve their skills and who are team players in it for the long haul.

So if this is you, email me with why you wanna be in the team and examples of some work, I'd love to see them!

email me at:

love Nikky Hall

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I know I know! I'm in the naughty corner for being such a bad blogger! 

The truth is I have been totes stacked out the last couple of months and struggling to find some me time. HOWEVER....that is all going to change big time. I've been really struggling with my making mojo lately and I've made the decision that it's imperative for my own creativity to make more time for crafting for ME.

I know that sounds weird - I mean, c'mon Nixster, you make stuff all the time, right?...
Well, yeah I kinda do I suppose but I never get time to craft just for the love of crafting any more - there's always samples to be made for this and that, samples to make for shows, classes, demo's and of course Create and Craft, and what we make for those kinda samples is sometimes different to making for me.  I've had my DT for over 5 years now and despite people telling me to insist on members not being on competitor teams I always stuck to my firm belief that this is a bad thing...creative people need room to flit about, seeing ideas and soaking up all the inspiration and being able to stretch their creative wings in different genres...and that goes for me, deffo!

So, things around here are gonna change! LOL!! I faithfully promise to make more and blog more!

And the first change here is that I have SO enjoyed making this beauty and doing some me colouring with an image I adore which is from one of my favourite digi stores, 

yes, I know, it's weird right, I'm promoting a competitor? 
Well, I don't care, I LOVE Tiddly Inks images so they were the go to's for me to have my me time....
This is actually a couple of digis combined, the fabulous character and the lovely mailbox (I have a thing for mailboxes) is HERE and the background and papers are HERE.  

I took the images and merged them together in my Cameo Silhouette cutting machine software (you could also do this in any graphics program or Serif, MCS, Word, whatever you like to use). 
I added Wryn to the fab background and then added the mailbox too but increased that in size and added the little birdies which also come in the bundle too. LOVE it! I then printed them all and then cut them out with my Cameo to save me loads of time - I wanted the mailbox to be 3D because this is what I really love, I HAVE to have dimension on my projects, my fave thing is loads and loads of layers! I originally was going to make it flat, hence adding them all digitally into the software but then I changed my mind and decided to 3D everything lol! (just thought I'd explain the blonde moment lol!) 
I then coloured the whole thing with my Graph'It markers...and I have to say that I think this is one of my nicest colouring atttempts of late, I just love everything about it. I used 3230 here in the hair - it looks kinda diarrhoea colour in the chart but now I used it properly with the other 32's  (3210, 3230, 3245, 3250, 3280)....I really like it haha!! It really lifts the other tones well. 
I also went really dark and moody with the skintones here because I wanted it to look like I'd coloured her with Distress Inks and I really like the effect I got - that's it now...can you get addicted to colours? 
For the clothes I used 4125 and 3210 and that was it.
I coloured the background landscape with another new love - Pan Pastel Pearls! Yes I said Pearls!! Watch this space for more on those beauties!!! The flowers are made from Artisan Clay, I've had them hanging about for ages waiting for the perfect place to be used and this was it. And the twirly bits of silver you can actually find over in the Polkadoodles store, it's awesome! 

So thanks so much for looking - promise to be back REAL soon with some more loveliness xx

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tattered Lace Challenge - Elegance


Today is the launch of the brand new Tattered Lace Challenge and this month's theme is

I have to say I adore Tattered Lace dies, I was so chuffed when I started to work with Stephanie on our little Tatty Twinkles concept.  I love how Steph designs for what we need as crafters and that the TL designs are there to combine with all our other dies instead of just ripping off and copying other designs that are out there already.

I am a magpie for anything of the floral and flourish variety on dies so I really must replenish my stocks and get some more frames and things as I don't have anywhere near enough detailed ones (no, seriously, i don't!)....

Anyway for this make I used the lovely new Rose Budd collection and as this is so elegant it was perfect to use with my Tattered Lace dies...

I used this lovely die as the Flourish ....        and this adorable floral set for the lovely flower

I mixed the dies together with hand cut Pansy flowers which are from the CD and look gorgeous, mixed together with the die cuts in a true hybrid fashion.  The images are coloured with Graph'It...

And I have to say I really love this card, it has a really elegant and demure feel to it, love how the characters just evoke that whole shyness and unspoken, unrequited love...

Make sure you pop over to the blog and join in the challenge - you can win some fab stash and I know there are sooo many of you with Tattered Lace dies out there!

See you next time! 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pearls and Pins with Doobadoo


Time for the new challenge at We Do Doobadoo this week - LOVE these products they are so easy to have to hand for quick makes but great for any genre of crafting which I love even more.

 This was a demo card I made on Create and Craft for the launch of my new Rose Budd can see more about how I made it HERE and what I used over on the Doobadoo blog....
I just realised my pin and pearls have fallen off the photo somewhere haha!! ; )
oh dear Calamity Nik strikes again haha!

In my defence I have been working uber hard this week on a new collection so keep your eyes peeled!

See ya soon my lovelies!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Anything Goes Colouring!

Happy Friday!

It's time for a new challenge over at Graph'It today so I've been doing a ton of colour work this last few weeks ; )

Today is Anything Goes and you can win some lush Graph'It goodies so make sure you head over HERE and I'll show you how I coloured this card which is using my new Rose Budd collection....

See you soon! xx

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Blog Candy Winner

Hi everyone!

Sorry I'm late doing this but we have been so busy at Polkadoodles lately time just got away with me as ever!!

Thankyou all so much for your support with our blog hop in May and I'm so pleased you all got your freebies!

So without further ado I'm really chuffed to announce that my personal candy winner is


And Max, you have won all 4 copies of my Work and Play collections!

Whoop whoop!!


Can you email me here my lovely so we can send your stash out! 

I hope you've all been and checked if you won any of the other candy on the girls' blogs, if you didn't check make sure you do!!

The main £100 Polkadoodles candy is announced on the Polkadoodles blog : ) 


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Little bit of Flora and Fauna with Pan Pastels

I haven't been able to join inthe Pan Pastel challenge for ages but I really wanted to do this one because I wanted to make something for someone who's going through a really hard time at the mo and I think this will cheer her up.

I made this in about an hour and it was just made up with loads of bits and pieces I had hanging around...

a 6" MDF heart and lots of Tattered flowers from Tim Holtz after I finally got this die about a month ago at a bargain price of £2!

I coloured the centres of the flowers which were cut from an old book and used Permanent Red and Turquoise Pan Pastel, together with a bit of Burnt Sienna here and there.

These 3 are my most used Pan Pastels, I think I probably use them every single time I craft - for me the Burnt Sienna has replaced ALL my distress inkpads and it goes everywhere with me for distressing edges because I find it so much easier than inks. As I'm getting older I'm finding that my hands are becoming more and more chy shaky these days and my fingers are just not as nimble as they used to be - don't get me wrong it's not noticable to anyone else, but it's noticable to me because I know I used to love making really intricate things and I struggle with it now. The reason I love Pan Pastels is because if I DO go wrong with them i can just take a rubber and rub it out again, no matter what surface!

All the other embellies were hanging around on my desk - mainly all Dutch Doobadoo which you can see here.  I used: Doobadoo Hearts, Gears, Angel Wings

If you've not seen or heard of Dutch Doobadoo before - they make awesome paper cuts which are laser cut and are so so fine - we're talking titchy embellies which are way smaller than your dies can cut, so they're perfect for little embellies. They're in different materials which I love and also make the most amazing masks and templates.

The little white flowers are actually Maimeri Light Modelling paste which was squeezed into a Katy Sue mould and allowed to dry overnight - I have loads of these, I just make them up in batches and mix them with all my air dry clay flowers - that big pink rose is made with Das air dry clay (this is a paper clay and gives more texture than some of the more foam based clay).

Right, that's it from me, I'll be back later this week with the winner of my 5th Birthday candy!


Friday, 13 June 2014

Blondie but no Denis, Denis!

OMG it's been SO long but as usual I have lots of great excuses I won't bore you with lol!

I'm here today to share my Graph'It make for the Graph'It challenge here this week - our theme is Blondie
and it's one I set because SO so many of you ask me how to colour blonde hair all the time. In the past I used to struggle with this too, but Graph'It make it easy - truly!

And before I forget - if you love colouring we have a Design Team call at Graph'It and are looking for some new talent - so get over here and get applying now!

I'll be quite honest with you here - when I first saw the colour chart for Graph'It way back when they first asked me to get involved, I was like, WOAHHH!! BRIGHT!! So not me! 
But you know what?
Very quickly I realised there is bright as in CLASH

and then there is bright as in vibrant.
And there are brights that are right - and brights that are not right - 
and in Graph'It they are all right!
One day I was sitting at my desk colouring with Pro/Flexmarkers (about 2 years ago) and I looked around me and realised that there was actually only about a third of the colours that I ever used because the others just were not right for me. Not that there's anything wrong with them but for me they just looked awful when I used them. I reckon that 60% of those markers had only ever been used once or twice.
Honestly, with my Graph'Its I use ALL the colours - even the REALLY bright ones, all of the time. And to me that is testament to how great the colour selection is, it's really usable. And this is why I switched. Obviously we need more colours - we still only have 165 in the range, but clearly they are working on new ones all the time and again I kinda like that it takes a while to get them out in the me that confirms that they take their time to make sure it's right, rather than just chucking colours out to make a fast buck, that would be soooo easy. And of course, I'm very honoured to be involved with the brand and that li'l ol' me has such a massive input in development, it's all very exciting indeed! 

Anyway enough waffle! Oops before I forget, I will choose my candy winner later this week!

It's been so long since I've been able to join in with a challenge but I love colouring Blonde hair so I had to try my best to join in this week! This image is from the new Polkadoodles Rose Budd collection and I wanted to use really soft tones to fit the theme so blonde works really well here...
Now for some reason the photo is making the skintones look really orange here but they're really not like this at all! I obviously need to fiddle with the exposure on my camera lol! she is definitely NOT sunburned!
I don't really use yellows for blonde - I use light shades of browns and then maybe throw in one yellow to brighten it a little depending on the mood I'm in.
Graph'Its I used:
skin: 4110, 4120, 4155, 3110, 4145, 4135 (this photo makes the skin look very orange but in fact it's not really) 12010, 1230, 3110, 3125, 3250, 3290...clothes: 6110, 6130, 9100, 6150, 6160

In addition to the blonde theme this image was also a great test for Graph'It - their colour range is so vibrant I was wondering how I would fare with a more subtle range of softer tones with this card (more pastel and soft tones will be coming soon as the range expands)...but I didn't need to worry. I wanted a nice soft cornflower blue for her outfit and I used 6110 and 6120 here but underneath I used Cool Grey 1 which helped to just mute the tones a little. This is a really really good tip for you if you need more muted tones - always add a base of the lightest grey tone under your colour and that will mute it - so if you are going for blues or greens use 9100 etc, look at the family and choose accordingly. It's also a really good opportunity to use the Mix'It Palette to mix your own colours up too.

On this project everything is from the new 
which is just superb even if I do say so myself!! Rose is printed onto 160gsm Ultimate Graphic paper and then she was cut out using one of my favourite Dutch Doobadoo templates. Now I have to tell you why I use these - I adore my dies like the rest of you crafters - I have a ton, most of which I don't use of course LOL!

However, one thing that peeves me right off and I bet it does you too....when you have a stamp or have printed an image off and then you can't make it the right size to fit any of your dies!!

It's like the end of the world for me - massive TRAUMA!
Those bloody dies never ever fit - they're either too huge (and this is the whole reason I bought the Grand Calibur so I could use my Grande dies, but theyre a bit TOO big....
My spellbinders are always TOO small or just not the right shape to fit the bloody image!

You with me, yes?
Ok, I know, so a lot of you have the Cameo and are probs smart enough to use that - but what a faff! 

Well, Dutch Doobadoo templates are awesome!
There are loads in the range and they're very similar to your basic die shapes but as they are sized to A5 it means you have the larger shapes which you need for images! 
I just print the digi or stamp it out, then lay the template over and lightly trace the right size then cut it by hand - once I've distressed the edges a bit you don't even notice any rough cutting if I'm honest, and in the time I trawl through the dies, pickup my Big Shot and put it on the desk and cut it I've already got the image glued down when I use the Doobadoo templates! Seriously! I thought craft had really moved on from templates, but you know what, sometimes easy and simple is best and we do not need a machine for everything!

So make sure you head over to the Graph'It challenge once you've read this - the team really make some stunning creations and YOU can WIN GRaph'Its yourself! YES, You CAN!!

I have lots more makes of Rose Budd to share with you so I'll be back very soon and will actually be back tomorrow!


Friday, 2 May 2014

Happy Birthday to Polkadoodles and a Blog Hop with FREEBIES GALORE!

Happy Birthday to Us!! 

Firstly, apologies for a REALLY long post - my Goodness I have a lot to tell you about today, I'm not sure where to start!!.... 
We have a 
Blog Hop at Polkadoodles plus the new 
Tattered Lace challenge blog 
AND the new Graph'It challenge 
all in one big post! WOW! ...

Firstly, if you arrived here from Ruth's blog as part of the blog hop then you're in the right place! 

I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for supporting us over the past 5 years, we've seen so many changes in the industry and we still love what we do and get such a thrill with every new product we release. It's so awesome that all of you keep on supporting us along the way and we know that we wouldn't be here without that great support, so huge thanks from Myself and Kris, but also from the Polkadoodles team too.

We thought we needed something special to celebrate our 5th Birthday....
So I decided to celebrate I would design a special Digistamp for each of us 5 'Originals' along with a great little paper bundle which was also designed specifically for each teamie to co-ordinate with their kind of stylee. They are TOO stinking cute!! 
So, we are inviting you along to our
which is just between the 5 of us and to tempt you along we all have awesome free candy which we all have on our blogs for you, but ALSO watch out along the way as we have some fantastic free downloads up for grabs for you too but you can ONLY get these by doing the hop because you need to collect the free codes!

Here's a little taster of the collections, this one is mine tee hee I really love me LOL!!


Here is what I created with this lovely freebie...
I love this digi - as it's me I of course had to have a huge slab of strawberry cream cake in my hand because that is my all time favourite! I used the papers from the bundle and just cut them into 5" squares and bundled them for the background, coloured her with my Graph'It markers and added some lovely Tattered Lace die cut flowers which were all cut from the pink Heartfelt paper and white paper and just layered it all up.
I used a combination of Tattered Lace Delicious Blooms and Lavish Blooms which I absolutely adore and just mixed them all up together in different combinations. You can see more of these stunning dies over on the Tattered Lace Blog where our challenge for May has just started, so make sure you head over there for yet another chance of winning some Candy!

The colours on this card are just up my street with the pale duck egg blue and soft pinks and browns. I also coloured 'my' spectacles with a Graph'It Shake silver Glitter marker and it added a real depth to it - in real life this image really looks quite 3d...I'm very sad but you know when you colour something and just love it, well I've been carrying her round the house with me all week until I glued her in place haha...I really need to get a life, have you ever heard anything so ridiculous in all your days lol!  You can see which Graph'It colours I've used over on the Graph'It Blog here where we started a new challenge today, and I think this card fits it perfectly!
Head over to both blogs and get an entry in for some great prizes - you have to be in it to win it and there is some wonderful inspiration from both the teams!

So let's get back to the Polkadoodles Blog Hop...
In addition to the candy on each of our blogs, once you've completed this little hop make sure you link to the hop on your own blog and then pop back to the Polkadoodles Blog Hop Post and link up to your own blogpost and we will draw a Random Winner to win a 
Massive blog candy worth £100 
of Polkadoodles goodies which will include Stamps, cd's, ribbons and a whole lot of other stuff! We will leave the draw date open until 30th May.

Rules to enter: 
1. You must visit and leave a comment on all 5 blog posts in the hop.
2. Add a post to your own blog with a LINK to this post so your followers can hop with us.
3. Add your post link to Mr Linky Below.
4. You must be a follower of this blog to win.
5. Closes 30th May, winner will be announced 6th June and the individual team members will also announce their winners on 6th June too (so you actually have 6 chances to win!). I will announce my winner here on 6th June.

So are you ready to hop? Cool! 
You can download my collection posted above by clicking on the image and using
code PD5005 
at the checkout to get it completely FREE (make sure you go through the INSTANT checkout or you'll have to wait for it!)

But Wait!! I have yet another little surprise for you too!! Leave me a comment under this post and on 6th June I will also draw someone from the comments to receive all 4 of our latest Work and Play Collections - that's 40, yes 40!! Digistamps plus 240 papers and a whole host of other stuff in 4 collections! FAB PRIZE!!
To be in the draw you need to leave the comment and MUST be a follower of my blog too! 

So if you've finished the Hop then you need to now leave the link on your blog and then head back to the Polkadoodles blog here and link up using Mr Linky on the Hop post!

Just in case you get lost along the way here are all the blog links:
Polkadoodles - make sure you return here and leave your post link!

Happy Hopping and Good luck with the Candy!!

In the meantime, make sure you enter the regular 
Polkadoodles challenge 
which is below the Blog Hop Post on the Polkadoodles blog and see what our fabulous team have to offer for inspiration and 
head on over to the other challenges I'm part of today which are over at 
Tattered Lace Blog challenge
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Graph'It Blog challenge 
Don't forget - all of these pages have more candy opportunities than you can poke a stick at so make sure you enter these great challenges!! 

See you soon! 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Embellish/Grungey We Do Doobadoo/Pan Pastels

Hey everyone and Happy Easter Sunday!
I hope you're all enjoying your holiday weekend - it's been nose to the grindstone for me all weekend as always, I really must have been very naughty in a previous life! 

I realise I've been absent for some time which as ever is because of being busy busy busy with designing and lots of Create and Craft, but onto more of that later...

Today I am cheating and have combined TWO projects in one! Yesterday at the
  We Do Doobadoo challenge our theme is 
and over at the Pan Pastel challenge I asked the team to go 
Love a bit of grunge! fact I adore a LOT of grunge but I just don't get much chance to revel in my first love these days! 

Now, I know we all totally revere Captain Tim of Holtz for his amazingness and i adore him too but since I started using PanPastels I rarely rarely pick up a Distress Ink anymore, to the point where I still only have the first 2 sets of colours! I just find that I dont need to buy all the inks because I now mix all my colours myself with various shades of PanPastels. I just find them quicker to use, more forgiving and if I make a mistake I can just rub it out and start again! Bonus!
So on this make today this is a Dutch Doobadoo storage cabinet (sorry, we are out of stock on these right now but I hope to get them in really soon!). I covered the MDF unit in printed papers from my Picknix 1 collection which are my all time favourites, then grunged them up with Burnt Sienna and Black Pan Pastel (just adding black where I wanted it really dark).

You can see from the photo here how much I loved decorating this. I covered the top of the unit in pages from an old paperback please don't judge! This is a contentious issue for me because I adore altering books but I am MEGA fussy about which books you may or may not deface I'm afraid! Please be assured this was a 1970s rubbishy paperback of no value whatsoever! 

I cut lots of leaves using my Tim Holtz die and then cut loads of hearts and made flowers with them and distressed them right up, adding paper flowers to them too. 
A couple of years ago some lovely amazingly kind person sent me a massive haul of antique and vintage buttons anonymously (to this day I thank you to the bottom of my heart for such kindness) and I treasure them so much I can't use them. I think whoever sent them knew this and knew how much care and love I would give them. Anyway, I succumbed and used some on this project. You can't see them but on the pic above I used 2 of the gorgeous glass ones as drawer handles. At some point no doubt these will be recycled again if this ever gets bashed up LOL!...
On the top I then added the Honeycomb from Doobadoo, together with lots of the swirls, hearts and butterflies from the Laser Art range which are just amazingly intricate but surprisingly robust too! A few stamps and bits and bobs and it was done. You can see all the products I used HERE...
For those wanting to know about if I sealed the Pan Pastels or not - yes I did on this: the best thing to seal them with is Artists Pastel Spray. BUT this is pretty expensive at £7 for a little can, so we (the PP team) all use our Maimeri Matt Gel Medium which is perfect for sealing any kind of mixed media and gives a great transparent matt finish to everything!

So that's me for today! Make sure you head over to the Pan Pastel challenge blog and the We Do Doobadoo challenge to see all the gorge projects from the team! 

The exciting news I have to share today is that you can see me on  Create & Craft TV on
29th April showcasing We Do Doobadoo for the very first time!
So i really hope you join me, the products from Dutch Doobadoo are amazing and you will love them when you try and see them! They really do enhance all your projects whether that is cardmaking, altered art or scrapbooking and it's unusual to get a range which can be that versatile!
So I hope you join me on 29th April!! 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Scrap 365/Pan Pastel Blog Hop...Awash with colour

Hey everyone, hope you have a lovely relaxing Saturday and Sunday ahead with a very crafty horizon!

Today I am joining in a fantastic blog hop along with Scrap 365 magazine blog and the Pan Pastel team! 

Woahhh!! Scrap????

I hear ya!!.....oh yes I do!....

Yes - me ....and scrapbooking!! Who knew huh? Well I did but I know lots of you probably didn't know how much I love to scrap but it's one of those things I really do not make enough time for these days (and it means I can get to use some of my fave stash which is in that look and stroke but put it back for another day cos I cant possibly use it place)....

Anyway enough of my drivel! On to the blog hop! The Scrap 365 team challenged the Pan Pastel team to go crazy with colour so how could we refuse?
Premium Craft Brands have donated a fantastic set of Donna Downey Pan Pastels for the lucky winner of our Blog Hop prize draw :) 
To take part in the blog hop you need to follow the trail of our blogs (below) to see all the amazing creations from everyone - we have some wonderful layouts and projects for you which will blow you away! Make sure you visit each blog and leave a comment so we know you've visited and you will go in the draw for that wonderful set of Donna Downey Pan Pastels which is worth £41.95!!! 
The random winner will be chosen from all the comments by Ali from Scrap365 and will be announced 20th March at 5pm on the Scrap365 blog and the Pan Pastel blog.

So, Awash with colour huh? 
Well, the Scrap365 team asked me to choose a specific colour palette and to use it for inspiration.  When I saw this palette called Pomegranate it had my name all over it because these colours are probably my favourites in Pan Pastels.
These equate to (from L to R)...
Permanent Red Tint
Permanent Red
Red Iron Oxide
Permanent Red Shade
Turquoise Shade
These colours match perfectly! I use ALL these colours all the time in my work and they are so versatile and give amazing contrast, I just adore this palette. Here's what I came up with... 
Isn't that Permanent Red so striking? Used alone on white it takes on a Coral tone, I adore it and it is by far my favourite Pan Pastel colour...
The full layout...this is all about my fabulous shoes fetish. Yes, I have always had a thing for shoes. I bought these babies about 4 years ago and I adore them. I bought them for my sister's wedding along with a matching handbag and I call these my Dorothy shoes. 
I wore them from the car to the church door and was crippled and bleeding within the space of 300 yards because they were SO uncomfortable LOL! But I would not give up! At the time I had a problem with my feet swelling up so they looked like old lady cankles (you know the ones)...and they literally crippled me, I didnt move off my chair at the reception, they fit me just fine! Although I have to say they still are NOT comfy and they are very rarely worn still haha! But hey ho, as the saying goes....
...Every girl needs a pair of shoes to stare at with glee and never ever wear...
I'm showing you all these pics so you can understand the amount of texture I got on this layout simply by using medium and masks/stencils. I painted the top right corner of the page with Maimeri gesso and then spread it with the tube to create loads of really thick heavy drips and splashes around the page. Maimeri gesso is one of the best available, it has a superb opacity and drying time, unlike cheap gesso which generally is just cheap because it's watered down. You only need one coat with this baby and it's awesome for getting some texture with brush strokes if you want them!...
Once it was dry I applied big streaks of colour working outside to inside across the page. I used a mop brush to dust sprinkles of Pan Pastel across the page and then sprayed it with a cheap hairspray to seal each layer of colour in. You need to be careful if you're sprinkling it as a powder as it does flake off but if you can use an Artist's pastel fixative it does help. Oh, almost forgot but I also sprinkled Frantage into the mix as well whilst it was all drying!
Next I mixed my own paint by combining Pan Pastel, a tiny bit of gesso and some water - you need the gesso to bind the pastel (pastels have a tiny bit of oil in them so they bead a little if you mix just with water, adding the gesso makes it so much easier). I then splished and splashed the various colours of paint (all 6!) everywhere. I was supposed, in my head, to make a clean and simple layout but by this time I had totally got carried away and there was no stopping me!

 I used a couple of different stencils/masks (see below) and pushed Maimeri Light Modeling Paste through them - they picked up the colour anyway so no need to pre-colour the paste although you can if you wish because Pan Pastel is a pure pigment that you can add to virtually any medium. I then gesso'd all the flowers which were pink to pull them back to white and gradually just added layers of texture and colour, then added some white paper, again colour tinted with the Pan Pastels. I think this is the first time I ever made a page without a designer 12 x12! A few little embellies to finish, gesso on top of the bottle cap and voila! The letters are grungeboard, again coloured. In fact, apart from the kraft items, everything has been recoloured.

So, now you need to click on the link here and go to
Riikka Kovasin
who has something super amazing to show you! 

and then follow the list (it doesn't matter which order you visit us).
We would love you to please leave a little comment on each of the team blogs and then go back to the Scrap365 blog to let us know you've hopped - we will also give an extra little prize away to someone who leaves a comment on the Pan Pastel page but we will check you've done that hop so don't be naughty now! ; ) 

Here is the list you need to follow just in case you get lost along the way:

Scrap365 and Ali's post - HERE! .....
Nikky Hall -
Riikka Kovasin -
Lou Sims -
Sandra Przbylska -
Tracy Easson -
Lisa Saunders -
Terry Wietma-Girbes -
Tracee Provis -
Claire Chapman -
Natalie Macdonald -
RETURN to Scrap365 to leave a comment for the prize draw :) -

We do hope you have some fun and get some inspiration from both the teams - they really are superb! We'll see you back at the Pan Pastel challenge next week for more Challenge fun! 

If you love any of the products I've used on this layout they are all listed here:

09 10