Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pearls and Pins with Doobadoo


Time for the new challenge at We Do Doobadoo this week - LOVE these products they are so easy to have to hand for quick makes but great for any genre of crafting which I love even more.

 This was a demo card I made on Create and Craft for the launch of my new Rose Budd can see more about how I made it HERE and what I used over on the Doobadoo blog....
I just realised my pin and pearls have fallen off the photo somewhere haha!! ; )
oh dear Calamity Nik strikes again haha!

In my defence I have been working uber hard this week on a new collection so keep your eyes peeled!

See ya soon my lovelies!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Anything Goes Colouring!

Happy Friday!

It's time for a new challenge over at Graph'It today so I've been doing a ton of colour work this last few weeks ; )

Today is Anything Goes and you can win some lush Graph'It goodies so make sure you head over HERE and I'll show you how I coloured this card which is using my new Rose Budd collection....

See you soon! xx

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Blog Candy Winner

Hi everyone!

Sorry I'm late doing this but we have been so busy at Polkadoodles lately time just got away with me as ever!!

Thankyou all so much for your support with our blog hop in May and I'm so pleased you all got your freebies!

So without further ado I'm really chuffed to announce that my personal candy winner is


And Max, you have won all 4 copies of my Work and Play collections!

Whoop whoop!!


Can you email me here my lovely so we can send your stash out! 

I hope you've all been and checked if you won any of the other candy on the girls' blogs, if you didn't check make sure you do!!

The main £100 Polkadoodles candy is announced on the Polkadoodles blog : ) 


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Little bit of Flora and Fauna with Pan Pastels

I haven't been able to join inthe Pan Pastel challenge for ages but I really wanted to do this one because I wanted to make something for someone who's going through a really hard time at the mo and I think this will cheer her up.

I made this in about an hour and it was just made up with loads of bits and pieces I had hanging around...

a 6" MDF heart and lots of Tattered flowers from Tim Holtz after I finally got this die about a month ago at a bargain price of £2!

I coloured the centres of the flowers which were cut from an old book and used Permanent Red and Turquoise Pan Pastel, together with a bit of Burnt Sienna here and there.

These 3 are my most used Pan Pastels, I think I probably use them every single time I craft - for me the Burnt Sienna has replaced ALL my distress inkpads and it goes everywhere with me for distressing edges because I find it so much easier than inks. As I'm getting older I'm finding that my hands are becoming more and more chy shaky these days and my fingers are just not as nimble as they used to be - don't get me wrong it's not noticable to anyone else, but it's noticable to me because I know I used to love making really intricate things and I struggle with it now. The reason I love Pan Pastels is because if I DO go wrong with them i can just take a rubber and rub it out again, no matter what surface!

All the other embellies were hanging around on my desk - mainly all Dutch Doobadoo which you can see here.  I used: Doobadoo Hearts, Gears, Angel Wings

If you've not seen or heard of Dutch Doobadoo before - they make awesome paper cuts which are laser cut and are so so fine - we're talking titchy embellies which are way smaller than your dies can cut, so they're perfect for little embellies. They're in different materials which I love and also make the most amazing masks and templates.

The little white flowers are actually Maimeri Light Modelling paste which was squeezed into a Katy Sue mould and allowed to dry overnight - I have loads of these, I just make them up in batches and mix them with all my air dry clay flowers - that big pink rose is made with Das air dry clay (this is a paper clay and gives more texture than some of the more foam based clay).

Right, that's it from me, I'll be back later this week with the winner of my 5th Birthday candy!


Friday, 13 June 2014

Blondie but no Denis, Denis!

OMG it's been SO long but as usual I have lots of great excuses I won't bore you with lol!

I'm here today to share my Graph'It make for the Graph'It challenge here this week - our theme is Blondie
and it's one I set because SO so many of you ask me how to colour blonde hair all the time. In the past I used to struggle with this too, but Graph'It make it easy - truly!

And before I forget - if you love colouring we have a Design Team call at Graph'It and are looking for some new talent - so get over here and get applying now!

I'll be quite honest with you here - when I first saw the colour chart for Graph'It way back when they first asked me to get involved, I was like, WOAHHH!! BRIGHT!! So not me! 
But you know what?
Very quickly I realised there is bright as in CLASH

and then there is bright as in vibrant.
And there are brights that are right - and brights that are not right - 
and in Graph'It they are all right!
One day I was sitting at my desk colouring with Pro/Flexmarkers (about 2 years ago) and I looked around me and realised that there was actually only about a third of the colours that I ever used because the others just were not right for me. Not that there's anything wrong with them but for me they just looked awful when I used them. I reckon that 60% of those markers had only ever been used once or twice.
Honestly, with my Graph'Its I use ALL the colours - even the REALLY bright ones, all of the time. And to me that is testament to how great the colour selection is, it's really usable. And this is why I switched. Obviously we need more colours - we still only have 165 in the range, but clearly they are working on new ones all the time and again I kinda like that it takes a while to get them out in the me that confirms that they take their time to make sure it's right, rather than just chucking colours out to make a fast buck, that would be soooo easy. And of course, I'm very honoured to be involved with the brand and that li'l ol' me has such a massive input in development, it's all very exciting indeed! 

Anyway enough waffle! Oops before I forget, I will choose my candy winner later this week!

It's been so long since I've been able to join in with a challenge but I love colouring Blonde hair so I had to try my best to join in this week! This image is from the new Polkadoodles Rose Budd collection and I wanted to use really soft tones to fit the theme so blonde works really well here...
Now for some reason the photo is making the skintones look really orange here but they're really not like this at all! I obviously need to fiddle with the exposure on my camera lol! she is definitely NOT sunburned!
I don't really use yellows for blonde - I use light shades of browns and then maybe throw in one yellow to brighten it a little depending on the mood I'm in.
Graph'Its I used:
skin: 4110, 4120, 4155, 3110, 4145, 4135 (this photo makes the skin look very orange but in fact it's not really) 12010, 1230, 3110, 3125, 3250, 3290...clothes: 6110, 6130, 9100, 6150, 6160

In addition to the blonde theme this image was also a great test for Graph'It - their colour range is so vibrant I was wondering how I would fare with a more subtle range of softer tones with this card (more pastel and soft tones will be coming soon as the range expands)...but I didn't need to worry. I wanted a nice soft cornflower blue for her outfit and I used 6110 and 6120 here but underneath I used Cool Grey 1 which helped to just mute the tones a little. This is a really really good tip for you if you need more muted tones - always add a base of the lightest grey tone under your colour and that will mute it - so if you are going for blues or greens use 9100 etc, look at the family and choose accordingly. It's also a really good opportunity to use the Mix'It Palette to mix your own colours up too.

On this project everything is from the new 
which is just superb even if I do say so myself!! Rose is printed onto 160gsm Ultimate Graphic paper and then she was cut out using one of my favourite Dutch Doobadoo templates. Now I have to tell you why I use these - I adore my dies like the rest of you crafters - I have a ton, most of which I don't use of course LOL!

However, one thing that peeves me right off and I bet it does you too....when you have a stamp or have printed an image off and then you can't make it the right size to fit any of your dies!!

It's like the end of the world for me - massive TRAUMA!
Those bloody dies never ever fit - they're either too huge (and this is the whole reason I bought the Grand Calibur so I could use my Grande dies, but theyre a bit TOO big....
My spellbinders are always TOO small or just not the right shape to fit the bloody image!

You with me, yes?
Ok, I know, so a lot of you have the Cameo and are probs smart enough to use that - but what a faff! 

Well, Dutch Doobadoo templates are awesome!
There are loads in the range and they're very similar to your basic die shapes but as they are sized to A5 it means you have the larger shapes which you need for images! 
I just print the digi or stamp it out, then lay the template over and lightly trace the right size then cut it by hand - once I've distressed the edges a bit you don't even notice any rough cutting if I'm honest, and in the time I trawl through the dies, pickup my Big Shot and put it on the desk and cut it I've already got the image glued down when I use the Doobadoo templates! Seriously! I thought craft had really moved on from templates, but you know what, sometimes easy and simple is best and we do not need a machine for everything!

So make sure you head over to the Graph'It challenge once you've read this - the team really make some stunning creations and YOU can WIN GRaph'Its yourself! YES, You CAN!!

I have lots more makes of Rose Budd to share with you so I'll be back very soon and will actually be back tomorrow!


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