Sunday, 21 September 2014

Who Knew?...that Pan Pastels are great for THIS!

Hey everyone!

It's time for a new challenge over on the Pan Pastels blog today so if you haven't already checked it out you can see the new theme and amazing inspiration HERE.

I don't often get chance to join in with Pan Pastels although I'm on the team so it's a treat when I can join in the fun!

This week I saw a blog somewhere and she totally inspired me to try something I hadn't really done before. Well I had, but in a 5 minutes quickie have a go at it and see if it works way...not a proper try and push it to the max way.

So last night I got out my Pan Pastels and the AMAZING new pearlescent ones (they also have mediums which I'll explain!)...and this is what happened...
Pretty Cool huh?....nooo I'm merely messing with you, THIS BELOW is what actually happened!
The WHOLE of this card
 - ALL of it - 
is coloured with Pan Pastels.
Yes.     It's true!
Isn't that fantastic??!!!!!
And you know what is even better? It was pretty easy to do too!
I predict a whole new colouring craze for me I can tell you!

So basically once I got over the overthinking it part I just coloured it with more or less the same skill set as with any markers or watercolours really - and had my Distress Ink head on too.

You need 2 brushes - a nice fine one and then one which is a bit fatter, maybe a No 2 or something...
Now, as I was experimenting I tried a few things all on the same image and I think together it worked pretty well. I'm so gonna do a tutorial for this when I get a minute!
So the face is just applied with a soft dry brush using Burnt Sienna with Permanent Red for the cheeks and a little Dark Grey around the outer dark shadows.

Hair - Violet. Now this is where I changed a bit as I went on. I applied most of it with a dry fine brush, but then I dampened the brush a bit and mixed the pigment to a paint to do the darker areas where I wanted a lot more definition. So that was kind of layering 2 techniques up really and I spent a lot of time deciding which I liked best - in the end it was the combination which won for me. I really wish I had a black Pan Pastel because I think that was what I was missing in my mind.
Clothes: this was pretty easy! Nice big sweeps give the best blends and you barely need to touch the pigment. I used my Ultimate Graphic paper, it just worked like a dream. Less is more and you can move the colour so much you get really soft blends. 

As I was playing around a lot I did get my background around the image a bit smudgey but you can use a rubber to clean it off anyway, although I just used it as a base to build my background which was really just cleaning off any excess grains I had in my palette!  and bing, that was it!

To make my card for the challenge I just took an embossing folder and then coloured with co-ordinating colours of Pan Pastels and made up the card. THe flowers are actually Martha Stewart clay and I dipped them in water then brushed on Pan Pastels to colourise and did the same with the lace which was originally white. To finish I just sprayed lightly with cheap hairspray to seal it all in.  

The image is my new witch download which is available from the Polkadoodles store.
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