Friday, 31 July 2015

Twooooo Twoot!

Heyyyy Twoooo Yoooo!

It's time for a new challenge over at Polkadoodles blog today, have you checked in yet? A great way to win some lovely goodies! Head over there now!

How can these little owls not be my faves from the latest Twiggy and Toots collection?
Twooo cute for words!

I made this lovely Owl bunting simply by using the template on the new collection and printing it at a smaller size - it was so easy to make up, I did the whole bunting which was actually 18 days in a couple of hours and what I love is this can be for all year round, I'm seriously thinking about making this up and hanging it around my living room mirror.

Twooo easy!
The templates on this CD are fabulush if I do say so myself and I'm already being told by every customer I speak to this is the best collection ever!

Twoooo Cooooool!!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Getting in the mood, and it's about time too...

Christmas time again! Here in the craft industry it's crazy - we seem to spend about 9 months a year thinking and doing Christmas! Designing products starts way back at Christmas time for the following year because we have to have all our products ready for you card makers by June so you can get a head start. By the time September comes around we are all xmas'd out to the max LOL!
And yet every year I fail to actually make my own cards haha!

We have just launched the long awaited 3d Picnix collection which is truly fabulous - if you love timeless, elegant images to work with this will certainly float your boat, especially if you are a digital crafter and love making your own images up in programs like Serif, Photoshop and the Cameo/Silhouette or Brother Scan n Cut machines! Unmissable!

I'll be sharing some of my favourite makes using this over the next few days and weeks to help keep you motivated and on track for Crimbo! 

See you soon! 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Twooooo Cute for Christmas!!

Hi! Hope you're all behaving and enjoying the *coughs* lovely wet UK summer weather around here! 

We are well and truly in Christmas mode here at Polkadoodles so if you haven't yet got your 2015 Festive fix on, make sure you head over to the store and take a look at our lovely new collections - and a lot of you are also looking at our previous ones too if you missed them last year!

If you want to see more of the lovely things you can make with this collection I will be sharing some of my favourite samples from the team over the next few weeks!

Seriously adorable!
See you tomorrow! 

Friday, 17 July 2015

Duo Tones Colouring Challenge at Graph'It markers sponsored by Kenny K

It's the start of a brand new challenge today over at Graph'It and this week we're sponsored by Kenny K.

ENTER the challenge HERE

As usual I forgot to check what the colour challenge was when I started to colour, got an idea in my head and then just went for it LOL,  but luckily how I did this fits into the Greys and Browns haha! I absolutely loved this image when I saw it over on the Kenny K website so I just had to use looked really complicated to colour but actually it wasn't, it's just because there's a lot of detail in the image to guide you.  I really wanted to achieve a strong metallic and fur feel to the image and to get contrasting metals such as steel and bronze or iron so that it suited her armour...
I couldnt find the right colour palette for my 'vision' so I coloured it in first and then made the palette below so you can see the palette more easily. I love how the Graph'It greys all work so perfectly, you'd think I'd put loads of colour into this image when in fact all I used were Greys, Brown and Skintones! I added the background foliage just with flicks of the same colours and made sure that I used lots of mid and dark greys to make it really atmospheric, finished with the Graph'It Shake white marker to add some highlights. Grounding your image with just a tiny amount of grass or a flick of a twig really makes  a massive difference, helps you create a scene and helps to ground the image so it's not just floating. I have to admit I love how this one turned out, she really tells a story and when I saw this palette below and the inspiration I just imagined her standing in all that mist in the photo having just slain some mystical creature lurking from the fog...
Unfortunately I forgot to write down the colours I used but it would have been something like this:
Skin: 4101, 4105, 4125, 4150, 3105, 3120, 3210
Clothing: Metallics - 9101-9109 Blue Greys
fur boots: 3210 - 3290
fur cloak: 4125, 4150, 3105

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pink, Yellow or Orange - Colouring challenge at Graph'It markers

Hello again! Week 2 of our Graph'It challenge please go and enter your colouring makes if they fit the theme you can win some lovely markers and digis!

Adore this cute 3 little Summer Girls  created by Wendy Burns, it's SOOO cute! THis was a really hard image for me to colour because stupidly I printed it really small so the bodies were tiny and I could barely get a nib in there LOL! So I had to keep my colouring quite simple but the colour palette is one of my all time favourites because I adore aqua colours, aqua aqua aqua love love love drool drool drool LOL!! So the image to me was crying out for a little seasidey scene to accompany the cuties, they just looked like they should be paddling for me...
As there are 3 girls I decided to do 3 different skintones to give you some good combos to use...So, from left to right these are the colours: Hat girl:
Skin: 4105, 4125, 4150, 3105, 3120, 4145
Clothes: Hat: 7220, 7240, Grey brushliner for shadow, 5110 & 4110 for flower
Hair (I've left my oranges somewhere so I struggled to get the orange tones and I forgot to write them down but I think it was 1110, 2105, 2150, 1150
Dress: 5110, 5125, 5130, 5160
Middle girl: Skin: 4105, 4125, 4115, 4150
Hair: 1130, 1180, 1250, 2120
Bucket: 4170, 2120, 2150
Dress: 7140, 7220, 7145
Rubber Ring girl: Skin: 4101, 4105, 4110, 4120, 4145, 4135
Hair: 5110, 5125, 5130, 5160, Grey brushliner
Scarf: 7220, 7140, Grey brushliner
RIng: 2160, 4110
Bucket and Top: 1150, 1180, 3105
Sand: 4110, 4170
Sea: 7105, 7140, 7145, 7180 denim, 7220, 7240 Graph'It White Shake pen (blobs and smudges!)

Pink, Yellow or Orange Colouring challenge at Graph'It

Hey! I'm a little behind myself this week but this is our current challenge over at Graph'It this week...

I used the  Love to Shop image created by Wendy Burns - so adorable! I really loved this colour palette, it reminds me of Tooty Fruity Sweets and this combo is all about sunshine and feeling great I think!  When I found this photo it just made me think of lemonade days...
The key to creating great colour combinations is always to ensure you get the right tones. This sometimes confuses people when using Graph'It as it's easy to assume that the markers work in numerical order, but this is not the case. My biggest tip for anyone whether you are advanced or a beginner is to always make sure you colour your own chart in so that you always have it to hand. I never ever colour without mine because it's so easy to pickup the wrong colour by mistake! If you use the wrong tones together you will end up with dirty, murky looking blending which just doesnt work.
Graph'its used:
Left-hand girl: Skin - 4105, 4125, 4150, 3105; Hair: 1150, 5115,, 2126; Clothes: 2120,8210,8220
Middle girl: Skin - 4105, 4125, 4150; Hair and clothes: 5115, 6150, 6160, 1150
Right-hand girl: Skin - 4105, 4125, 4150, 4155; Hair: 1150, 6150, 2120; Clothes: 5115, 8210, 8220
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