Saturday, 29 August 2015



Premium Art Brands recently asked me to be the UK Brand Ambassador for Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour Pencils and of course I had to say a massive YES and once I tried them it took me all of 30 seconds to make up my mind!
I will be bringing these to Create and Craft for you soon to show you how lovely they are in the flesh, but in the meantime we have started a brand new Pencil Challenge Blog for you to soak up the inspiration the team will be showing you every fortnight so please please head over and follow us at

I am so excited to be able to show you this fab range of pencils. I've been using a couple of other brands for years and I have to say that these exceeded my expectations considering the price of them - high quality for a low price and that's a winner in my book! So it was always a bit of a given that I was going to fall in love with these, wasn't it!
If you want to see more about the Rembrandt Polycolour range you can see a little short video I made just to show and introduce you to them here

I made a different image for this challenge but then I was playing around the other day with some ice effects and I thought I'd use this instead for my first make because it really shows you what you can do with these pencils I think....I have to thank Alyce Keegan for inspiring me with the ice, I was just doodling and wanted to make a kind of ice sculpture effect so it was a little weird! When I came to make the card I decided to cut the image out and bend the flower backwards, so this card is actually an easel folded although you can't really tell. I was so pleased I cut her out because it made the whole thing really 3D, goes to show what a little cutting can do....

The image is from the Polkadoodles Octavia Frosted Winter collection HERE.
I am ashamed to say I got so carried away with my colouring that as usual I forgot to write the colours down, shame on me! I actually coloured this on our 160gsm Ultimate Graphic paper which is very smooth but not quite super smooth. It just has enough tooth for me but I am definitely playing around with different papers and board to get different effects. If you don't understand what 'Tooth' means - it's the amount of layers of fibre within the paper - the more layers you have the more pigment you can lay down...think of it like little cells that have to absorb the colour - so the more cells and layers, the more colour you can lay down. Lots of people love watercolour board but this gives you loads of texture so just play around and find what YOU like, there is no right or wrong!
What I love about these pencils is the lumosity and vibrance of colour - the ice actually looks transparent here and believe me it's not, it's just the turquoises and blues on white card...

From memory I know I used: skin - medium flesh, brown ochre, rose madder lake, van dyck brown
Hair and Coat: the 3 purple tones that are actually more red!
clothing: the aqua colours - turquoise, peacock blue etc
boots and fur: blue violet, violet and aqua/turquoise

So remembere, the blog is here 

and you can also join us over on Facebook here

Friday, 28 August 2015

Lush backgrounds at Graph'It colouring challenge....

Time for another sponsored challenge over at Graph'It today and more lush backgrounds for you.
I've given you instructions how to create this lovely background so get over there if you want to know more about what I used...

Friday, 21 August 2015

Graph'It challenge - colour palettes and a background

Hi! It's challenge time again over at Graph'It today and our challenge is Anything Goes/Use the palette below!
Such a different set of colours you wouldnt ordinarily think of putting together but as you can see from the feathers  - nature knows best - ALWAYS!

Check out the blog for all the details - we're sponsored by Kenny K and there are some amazing prizes, you can win a heap of stash! 

I loved this image although it was really detailed to colour with all the armoury....shame the card is one of the worst I ever made but I spent so long on the image I didnt have time to make the card LOL. We've all been there, right! 
 I didnt intend making a background but decided as she was obviously a Secret agent waiting to pounce that she would be hiding in the wispy fog...this then ended up as steamy/foggy bubbles LOL..
 ..but we're all allowed a little creative licence, right....
To make the bubbles I coloured the base with 6109 and the background/sky with Glass and then usign the dropper, added drops of Mix'It Fluid to create the bubbles - the fluid disperses the colour beneath from the centre until it evaporates. I added some blue 6140 and some Orchid around the edges and kept swirling the circles with a blender until I was happy with it.   The fog/steam is created by smudging the Graph'It Shake White marker across the image with your finger.
 I was having a bad day and I actually got a mystery shadow under the right eye along the noseline which had to be disguised so I added some extra 4135 to her cheeks to blend it all in with the result that she is a lot more shadowed than intended but I quite like her this way...just wanted to show you that even the worst disaster you can usually get around somehow...

Colours I used:
Reds: 5210, 5215
Yellows: 2110, 2150, 2170, 2180, 9400
Blues: 6140, 6115, 6119
Green: Bamboo and Yellow 2150 mixed to create a mossy green as per the palette
Bubbles - Glass, 6140, Orchid, Blender, Mixing Fluid

I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Frostttyy brrrrr!!

When everyone is beetling off for their jollies in July and August I always find myself up to my ears in 'stuff' LOL!

I have been busy working on the most lovely collection, my fave of the year (so far!)...I couldnt wait to get my markers out and start colouring these images this one is my fave I think...I coloured this with my Graph'It markers....
The icicles were the result of a bit of a booboo in the background and once I started I found I couldnt stop and just kept playing and playing but I like the result in the end. All of the elements on the card are on the collection, including those lovely flowers! I just added some metal stars and a bit of a blingy string and that was it. The edges have been trimmed with Light Modeling paste.

So where is this image from? Our brand new collection Octavia Frosted Winter of course!
You can get her and a ton of other stuff including possibly the nicest papers I've ever made !!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Just Because...

Here's another sample from the latest Tonic Studios stamp set which was launched earlier this week. Isnt this stamp gorgeous? I think this was my favourite one in the set, must admit! 

These stamps are on a Create and Craft/Ideal World pick of the day - I'm not sure if there's much stock left but good luck and if not watch out for them coming soon to a retailer near you! 

Graph'It Colouring challenge - Floral inspired

Time for another colouring challenge over at Graph'it today!

I loved this colour challenge! Cara very kindly chose a great palette for me to try and emulate and at first I went 'ewwww I hate yellow!' then I went 'ewwww I hate GOLD!' Then I just picked up my big girl pants and went for it - that's what the whole idea of these palettes is about - instead of each of us choosing the same old colours week in week out and the same combinations, we have to choose something we may not normally go for. And this combo for me sure wasnt one I'd pick but boy! How lovely is it!! 
I love having all our amazing sponsors with us each week and this is our first week with Make It Crafty - I kinda chose this image accidentally and wow - that hair! It made me feel a little faint at first LOL! But it's all about breaking down your image into sections so you don't get overwhelmed, and just tackle one section at a time and work through it. 
This image is called Bella's Party and you can get here HERE....
The real challenge this week for me was how to incorporate the 'GOLD' from the palette, so it was a case of grab my trusty Graph'It Shake Gold Glitter marker and go for it!....
You can see the Gold Graph'It Shake marker more in the hair and on the clothing here. Because the glitter is encased in a clear acrylic medium it deposits really well but you can move it around with a paintbrush or even a blender or marker if you wish. The nibs are fine but not too fine.
You really only see the glitter once you move the paper around so it gives a lovely subtle glittery sheen but unlike some other products out there you CAN actually see it ok! It's also great to just push around with your fingers to get a little sheen and glittery effect. I dont like going too OTT but if you like you can allow it to dry and really build up quite a strong base of glitter by layering.
The Graph'It marker colours I used were:
Skin: 4101, 4105, 4125, 4150, 3105, 4145 & 4135 cheeks
Dress: 1140, 1180, 1250
Hair: 7220, 7240, 7260, 7280
Graph'It Glitter Shake GOLD
Graph'It Waterbased Brushliners (4pk) Greys

Thursday, 6 August 2015

With Love and Style...

Hey! So many posts so few days LOL!

This is a small card which I used by cutting down several dies - I'm so into smaller cards right now, I think it makes the overall card composition easier!

This is another stamp from the Tonic Studios set which are part of a Pick of the Day on Create and Craft, hope you have managed to buy yours! These stamps are on a Create and Craft/Ideal World pick of the day - you'd better be quick! Great stamps to work with and to colour in!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Continuing my little Fashion Series here is another make from those awesome new Tonic Fashion stamps!

This was one of my favourite makes from this stamp set - and I love the colours here too, must confess...

The stamps remind me SO much of those lovely cut out dolls we used to do when we were kids...
Well, if you're anywhere near the same age as me that is LOL!
We used to cut out the dolls and then the clothes to fit them, and they all had little tabs on to tuck around the figures and make sure the clothes stayed on...
Simple days when paper cutouts were all we needed to spark our imagination and become a fashion designer...
So I cut these figures out once i'd stamped and coloured and made all my own little tabs!

These stamps are on a Create and Craft/Ideal World pick of the day launching today - arent they lovely? They really remind me of vintage fashion images and they are a breeze to colour in.

Dream in Style

Recently I've been playing with some new goodies for Tonic Studios and got to use some lovely new products!
These stamps have a real retro feel to them and really inspired me to use lovely colour palettes that reminded me of days gone by so I'm going to share a few with you over the next few days to whet your appetite. 

These retro Fashion Ladies stamps are really easy to use and a joy to colour in...the best thing is they are SO easy to cut out too! Very forgiving because they have that fashion designer drawing feel which means you don't have to colour and blend within an inch of it's life to get a great result.

These stamps are on a Create and Craft/Ideal World pick of the day launching today - so make sure you go and fill your boots before they sell out!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Lilac Elegance...

I was very lucky to get to use some new stamps this last week or so, which are part of a new stamp range from Tonic Studios.
As an Independent and Freelance designer it means I'm very lucky and can work with many different brands and companies around the globe on different projects.
These stamps are on a Create and Craft/Ideal World pick of the day launching today - arent they lovely? They really remind me of vintage fashion images and they are a breeze to colour in.

I'll be showing you some more of these soon!

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