Friday, 21 August 2015

Graph'It challenge - colour palettes and a background

Hi! It's challenge time again over at Graph'It today and our challenge is Anything Goes/Use the palette below!
Such a different set of colours you wouldnt ordinarily think of putting together but as you can see from the feathers  - nature knows best - ALWAYS!

Check out the blog for all the details - we're sponsored by Kenny K and there are some amazing prizes, you can win a heap of stash! 

I loved this image although it was really detailed to colour with all the armoury....shame the card is one of the worst I ever made but I spent so long on the image I didnt have time to make the card LOL. We've all been there, right! 
 I didnt intend making a background but decided as she was obviously a Secret agent waiting to pounce that she would be hiding in the wispy fog...this then ended up as steamy/foggy bubbles LOL..
 ..but we're all allowed a little creative licence, right....
To make the bubbles I coloured the base with 6109 and the background/sky with Glass and then usign the dropper, added drops of Mix'It Fluid to create the bubbles - the fluid disperses the colour beneath from the centre until it evaporates. I added some blue 6140 and some Orchid around the edges and kept swirling the circles with a blender until I was happy with it.   The fog/steam is created by smudging the Graph'It Shake White marker across the image with your finger.
 I was having a bad day and I actually got a mystery shadow under the right eye along the noseline which had to be disguised so I added some extra 4135 to her cheeks to blend it all in with the result that she is a lot more shadowed than intended but I quite like her this way...just wanted to show you that even the worst disaster you can usually get around somehow...

Colours I used:
Reds: 5210, 5215
Yellows: 2110, 2150, 2170, 2180, 9400
Blues: 6140, 6115, 6119
Green: Bamboo and Yellow 2150 mixed to create a mossy green as per the palette
Bubbles - Glass, 6140, Orchid, Blender, Mixing Fluid

I'll be back soon!


  1. Wooow…. I love the colors and her amazing eyes. Great job! Hugs Neva

  2. Wooow…. I love the colors and her amazing eyes. Great job! Hugs Neva


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