Friday, 7 August 2015

Graph'It Colouring challenge - Floral inspired

Time for another colouring challenge over at Graph'it today!

I loved this colour challenge! Cara very kindly chose a great palette for me to try and emulate and at first I went 'ewwww I hate yellow!' then I went 'ewwww I hate GOLD!' Then I just picked up my big girl pants and went for it - that's what the whole idea of these palettes is about - instead of each of us choosing the same old colours week in week out and the same combinations, we have to choose something we may not normally go for. And this combo for me sure wasnt one I'd pick but boy! How lovely is it!! 
I love having all our amazing sponsors with us each week and this is our first week with Make It Crafty - I kinda chose this image accidentally and wow - that hair! It made me feel a little faint at first LOL! But it's all about breaking down your image into sections so you don't get overwhelmed, and just tackle one section at a time and work through it. 
This image is called Bella's Party and you can get here HERE....
The real challenge this week for me was how to incorporate the 'GOLD' from the palette, so it was a case of grab my trusty Graph'It Shake Gold Glitter marker and go for it!....
You can see the Gold Graph'It Shake marker more in the hair and on the clothing here. Because the glitter is encased in a clear acrylic medium it deposits really well but you can move it around with a paintbrush or even a blender or marker if you wish. The nibs are fine but not too fine.
You really only see the glitter once you move the paper around so it gives a lovely subtle glittery sheen but unlike some other products out there you CAN actually see it ok! It's also great to just push around with your fingers to get a little sheen and glittery effect. I dont like going too OTT but if you like you can allow it to dry and really build up quite a strong base of glitter by layering.
The Graph'It marker colours I used were:
Skin: 4101, 4105, 4125, 4150, 3105, 4145 & 4135 cheeks
Dress: 1140, 1180, 1250
Hair: 7220, 7240, 7260, 7280
Graph'It Glitter Shake GOLD
Graph'It Waterbased Brushliners (4pk) Greys


  1. This is gorgeous, fabulous and awesome. Just love it Nikky, I have colour envy!!!! Y x

  2. So glad I followed the links and found this beauty, she is all sparkly and gorgeous!


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