Sunday, 27 September 2015

WeLove2Create Mixed Media Challenge with PanPastels

Today is challenge time over at the WeLove2Create Mixed Media blog - it's been an age since I've joined in which is totally my bad but time is short and my to do list is very long these days!

I'm cheating a little in terms of Mixed Media this week and I don't have a full project for you, but Pan Pastels are so amazingly versatile and as I get sucked into the colouring world so much, from time to time I love to throw a PanPastel or two into the mix when I'm colouring up an image, whether it's a digi stamp or rubber. 

Colourists don't seem to have latched onto the amazing effects PanPastels can give them - they're too busy working with pencils and alcohol markers and these lush pigments don't even occur to them to use I think. Personally I love using Pans to colour with and it's something I need to do way more!

If you're into Colouring Books PanPastels are absolutely perfect - they tend to make colouring books on low grade papers which dont take alochol markers and some other mediums well but Pan Pastel are perfect! They wont soak through the paper and you can seal with a cheap hairspray but they really suit a lot of the colouring book images which tend to be quite floral in a lot of cases - so you can cover large areas but also get really beautiful blends and shading at the same time.

This image is from Polkadoodles and it was mainly coloured with Graph'It alcohol markers but once I had coloured the image I made the background using PanPastels....
Once I'd got an overall colour on using a dry paintbrush (Pthalo Green & Violet), I then just started faffing about creating a bit of foliage, adding the PanPastels both dry and also by dipping my paint brush into water and mixing into little paint pools on the lid and then filling in lots of leaves and vines and grasses. 
I mixed in some Green and also Black Sparkle Medium (coarse) simply because those 4 colours were on my desk. All the dark cast shadow is with Pan Pastel and I also added dry black onto the actual image too to add real depth into the clothing and on her face and shoes (I love getting lots of dark shadows and this technique is perfect because you can erase it if you go wrong!). Finally I used a Graph'It white Shake pen which is my Desert Island craft must have to create loads of light and highlights to simulate a bit of fairy dust floating around. You can easily colour in whole images this way and I must do more, I love using them in this way, it gives awesome texture to colouring work. 

See you next time!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour pencils, the Pencil Case colouring challenge and me!

Hey!! It's the Pencil Cases 3rd challenge today whoop whoop!!  I love using pencils, don't you? Don't get me wrong I adore my Graph'It alcohol markers but I love all colouring mediums and I like to use them all - if I had my way they would ALL be on one piece! 
I have well and truly fallen in love with my Lyra Rembrandt Polycolours though and believe me when I say I have a LOT of pencils at home, I think I've tried them all haha! I was always a humongous fan - and still am- of Prismacolour but I have to admit they've kinda been ousted off the pedestal a little right now...I'm just finding these so much easier to use!

I've hurt my neck recently in one of those freakish things where you just wake up one day in agony...only it hasn't vanished and it's been a month now - yes getting better each day but it's really affecting my colouring ability in terms of the amount of pressure I can use but I've still been able to use my Polycolours even when it's been at it's worse and I havent even been able to move my head! So much easier on the hands too, I don't get any aching at all which is another thing I suffer with a lot....
Anyway, this is the make for today, using one of the sponsor's images which is pretty cute - look over on the blog here to find out about it and you can win some great prizes too!

Cara also coloured this image and did such an amazing job on hers and nicked one of the colours I wanted to use so I had to change tack a little and go down the green and purple route...
I really wanted to get a nice glow from the fairy wand so I left that area right to the end to make sure I could really get some great blending. I really didnt use that many colours on this image and just laid down lots and lots of layers to build up the colour...I don't know what paper I'd printed this on but it was pretty awful & didn't give a lot of tooth so I need to get rid so I don't end up with more LOL!....
Colours I used: Skin Fairy: 31 Medium Flesh, 82 Brown Ochre, 76 VD brown, 27 Lt Carmine cheeks
Hair: 37 Blue violeet, 36 Dark violet, 41 delft Blue
Dress: 67 Veridian   Wand glow: 83 Gold Ochre, 21 P Geranium Lake
Witch: Hat/dress/shoes: 39 Lt Violet, 37 Blue Violet - + 33 Wine Red on Dress, Cloak Black
Witches face - skin as per Fairy with a layer of 68 Moss Green over the top
Background colours: sky - 15 Dark Orange, Black, 24 Rose Carmine...landscape: Black + violets, Foreground: 67 Veridian + 83 Gold ochre

See ya soon! 

Friday, 25 September 2015

Alcohol marker craft colouring challenge with Graph'It markers and Octavia at Polkadoodles

TFI Friday!!

Man o Man o Man what a week it's been! I can't even begin to tell you how awful Mon Tues Weds were LOL! A stinking cold, bad neck, too much work and 3 days of trying to sort out a major issue at PD towers left me reeling a little, drained was not the word LOL. good job I'm pretty cool headed in a crisis, I find so long as I can swear a LOT, very LOUDLY I can generally get through anything thrown at me lol. I always try to tell myself no matter how bad things have been it could always be worse and the thing that kept me going this week was a. I am not a Syrian refugee and b. I am not the head of Volkswagen admitting to a £4.7bn fraud. Kinda puts things massively in perspective doesnt it haha!

So today is Graph'It markers Colouring day - yayyyy!

I always love using my Graph'It markers, they're so vibrant and I love making backgrounds for my images with the blender and Mix'It Fluid and Palette....the image I used is Octavia which can be found here from Polkadoodles....she's my favourite image on this collection along with the Fox...
I coloured the background with dark blues and outlined some tree silhouettes...I dont often use the really dark blues so it was nice to go really bold and dark for a change. I took the dropper out of the Mix'It fluid and just randomly dripped drops of fluid on the background...I'd like to say I planned this planet background but it was accidental LOL. I then just got my blender and created circles and stars by spreading the fluid around before it evaporated off. I had to trim a lot off this as the card was going to be massive if I'd kept the background going as the image was printed quite large. I then added some swirls using the blender pen and then added rings around some circles to make them into planets using my desert island White Graph'It Shake pen which I cant live without....
I wanted it to look like she was walking on ice so I made sure the floor was done in a lighter blue and then added plenty of grey and again used my White Graph'It shake for the snow - if you scribble it on and then spread it with your finger really quickly you can get some amazing soft blends which are perfect for adding highlights into areas where you failed to leave enough white, I just love how the snow is coming up over here boots with the grey cast shadow underneath, I think this makes it look really 3D and icy.
Colours used: Skin: 4101, 4105, 4125, 4150, 3105, 3120, 4135&4145 cheeks
Hair: Neutral Greys
Cloak: 6150, 6160, 5280
Cloak Fur: 4110, 4101, 7220, 9101
Background: 6190, 6185, 7190, 7185, 7175, 7165, 7160

So that's it from me today, I'll be back with something else for you tomorrow - in the meantime I leave you with my favourite line from my song of the week...

'Today I'm gonna kill somebody and make it look like suicide'....
Yep, pretty much sums up the week for me haha!


Friday, 18 September 2015

Patterns and Palette with Graph'It alcohol markers

Time for another lovely colouring challenge over at Graph'It today!

I feel like I cheated a little with the pattern but I really really wanted to colour this and make all that water - it just seems to me like this is a porthole and she is swimming through it from the sea and all that water is gushing through....I used the Blues colour palette but I had to add some purples and greens so in the end it changed, but hey! that's what colour palettes are there for - to inspire us and help us along the way.
The image is from our special sponsor Niki Burnett and you can get it using the links over on the blog HERE....
The main challenge for me here was that I used the Blender and Mix It fluid and Palette very heavily on this image to give me loads of really lush blending and effects.

The Mix'It palette is a substrate which allows you to custom blend your Graph'It colours onto and then pick the colour up with a blender to give you a much softer instead of adding colour to the image and then trying to blend it out ON the paper, you mix the colour with Mix'It fluid, use the blender to pick it up and then apply - resulting in soft fluffy clouds like on this one - just keep using your blender pen to soften the edges as you build up the colour in layers....(you really need to do this with a brush nib)
I used the same palette technique on the water and on the tail - helping me create an almost luminous effect because you can add more and more layers without worring about blending everything out and making a mess - you need to practice a little first. I used my Graph'It Shake white pen (desert island product for me) to add definition to the water coming through the porthole and to add splashes.
Colours used:
Skin: 4101, 4105, 4125, 4150, 3105, 6110 lilac, 6130 Lilac cheeks 4145, 4135
Blues/greens on mermaid and sea: 7220, 7240, 7260, 7280, 6145, 6150, 6155, 6195
Reds: 5220, 5245, 5280

Monday, 14 September 2015

Twit Twoo Christmas to yooo...

And here I am with more of my makes from the Twiggy and Toots Christmas collection - twoooo cute!

This cute house is a special template on the CD - there are actually 3 versions of this house all different styles and sizes so they're perfect for advent makes and to make a mantelpiece centrepiece - go crazy decorating them up with all that snow and glitter!!

...and another fun little shaped card - I cut my 6x6 cards in half landscape to make them go further - it also means I can go right off the page and they still fit the envelopes!...

...and a quick and easy gift idea, who wouldnt want to get this - perfect for those low-cost 'I'm thinking of you but dont want to spend any money' pressies....I have a lot of those haha....

...and I love this bottle cover - SO easy to make this! Just score a piece of A4 card landscape and divide into 6 sections, score about 2" down from the long top edge right across then wrap and secure it, folding the neck in as you go, you can slit down the folds if you want to make it a tighter fit....

Get one back on Granny but add a little sparkle...a cheap bar of soap wrapped in tissue and placed inside a simple decorative wrap. Place it in an upcycled box and it will look so expensive - plus there's the bonus of a lovely smell too!
....and a Par-tri-idge in a Pearrrrr treeee....
....Santa Claus is coming to town....

See you soon! 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Twiggy Christmas!

OMG I totally forgot to share some makes with you *shock, horror, slap me in the face with a wet fish*

I just found a couple of draft posts with photos from our fabulous Twiggy and Toots Christmas collection and I can't see that I've already shown you these but if I have, I apologise profusely for repeating myself lol!

I made these for the launch show of this great collection so I hope you love them too...

This lovely owl bag is a template project in the Collection which you can get here on either CD or as a mahoosive download bundle....
You can really easily transform this from Christmas to any theme - how about a Halloween Trick or Treat version, how spooky would that be!

How about this little cutiepie....Toots writing his Christmas List...the images in this collection are just perfect for making great shaped cards. This is a pre-coloured image from the collection so super quick to make with no colouring needed...
and another shaped card with these 2 little mischiefs....
and another using an acetate front to make a little scene....

This great sentiment is just waiting to be cut out and used as a shape card - I cut this on my Cameo Silhouette machine, which took me about 5 minutes to trace, cut and fold - HOW quick??!!

Tooo cute! Would love to decoupage this one up to give it some added dimension and it would be great if it had 3 sides!....
...awww!! I love him!....

See you tomorrow! x

Tonic Pick of the Week samples

Last month I helped out with some samples for my lovely friends over at Tonic. These products are being launched today over on Create and Craft for their Pick of the Week so you can get these lovely stamps, glitters and embossing powders right now from the Tonic Studios Nuvo range...
I love this stamp, very girl about town....
This was actually my favourite card make - I love doing wraps and folds with tabs, I need to do more of this stylee...

See you again soon!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

More background effects with Graph'It...


Before I forget again, you can catch me on Create and Craft TV on Tuesday at 10am - hopefully with some great inspiration!

I'm back today with some more colouring, with Graph'It alcohol markers today.

Our latest challenge over at Graph'It is here, so make sure you go soak up all the great ideas from the team : ) You can win awesome products!

I got so carried away with the background technique I did with the acetate last week I made 2 at the same time. I used an image from the Graph'It sponsore this week...
 If you want to know how I made the background check back at last week's post - the technique is exactly the I was colouring the candles I thought it would be cool to get a little warm glow going...

...I think the wallpaper like, set on fire!!! LOL!!
But it's still kinda cool I think haha! 

I added plenty of shading behind and under the Chaise Longue, I really wanted it to look like it was up against a wall and 3 dimensional...I think we often under estimate the importance of greys and shadows and lighting. I was really chuffed with how this turned out - the pink looks quite velvety i think which is exactly what I wanted. It also made me fall in love with the bright pinks in the 51's which I never seem to use - Magenta is my new love I think!
Colours: Sofa: 5125, 5130, 5160 with lots of greys added for shadow.
Shadow greys: 9400,9402,9404,9406, 9408, 9909
Background: 6185, 5160, 2150, 1180
Mix'it fluid

See you soon!
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