Friday, 25 September 2015

Alcohol marker craft colouring challenge with Graph'It markers and Octavia at Polkadoodles

TFI Friday!!

Man o Man o Man what a week it's been! I can't even begin to tell you how awful Mon Tues Weds were LOL! A stinking cold, bad neck, too much work and 3 days of trying to sort out a major issue at PD towers left me reeling a little, drained was not the word LOL. good job I'm pretty cool headed in a crisis, I find so long as I can swear a LOT, very LOUDLY I can generally get through anything thrown at me lol. I always try to tell myself no matter how bad things have been it could always be worse and the thing that kept me going this week was a. I am not a Syrian refugee and b. I am not the head of Volkswagen admitting to a £4.7bn fraud. Kinda puts things massively in perspective doesnt it haha!

So today is Graph'It markers Colouring day - yayyyy!

I always love using my Graph'It markers, they're so vibrant and I love making backgrounds for my images with the blender and Mix'It Fluid and Palette....the image I used is Octavia which can be found here from Polkadoodles....she's my favourite image on this collection along with the Fox...
I coloured the background with dark blues and outlined some tree silhouettes...I dont often use the really dark blues so it was nice to go really bold and dark for a change. I took the dropper out of the Mix'It fluid and just randomly dripped drops of fluid on the background...I'd like to say I planned this planet background but it was accidental LOL. I then just got my blender and created circles and stars by spreading the fluid around before it evaporated off. I had to trim a lot off this as the card was going to be massive if I'd kept the background going as the image was printed quite large. I then added some swirls using the blender pen and then added rings around some circles to make them into planets using my desert island White Graph'It Shake pen which I cant live without....
I wanted it to look like she was walking on ice so I made sure the floor was done in a lighter blue and then added plenty of grey and again used my White Graph'It shake for the snow - if you scribble it on and then spread it with your finger really quickly you can get some amazing soft blends which are perfect for adding highlights into areas where you failed to leave enough white, I just love how the snow is coming up over here boots with the grey cast shadow underneath, I think this makes it look really 3D and icy.
Colours used: Skin: 4101, 4105, 4125, 4150, 3105, 3120, 4135&4145 cheeks
Hair: Neutral Greys
Cloak: 6150, 6160, 5280
Cloak Fur: 4110, 4101, 7220, 9101
Background: 6190, 6185, 7190, 7185, 7175, 7165, 7160

So that's it from me today, I'll be back with something else for you tomorrow - in the meantime I leave you with my favourite line from my song of the week...

'Today I'm gonna kill somebody and make it look like suicide'....
Yep, pretty much sums up the week for me haha!



  1. Nikky - the is so amazing and I would love to be able to do backgrounds like that! Do you think there might be a little chance that we could have a tutorial video to show us how you do it…pleeeeeease!!! :-)


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