Sunday, 27 September 2015

WeLove2Create Mixed Media Challenge with PanPastels

Today is challenge time over at the WeLove2Create Mixed Media blog - it's been an age since I've joined in which is totally my bad but time is short and my to do list is very long these days!

I'm cheating a little in terms of Mixed Media this week and I don't have a full project for you, but Pan Pastels are so amazingly versatile and as I get sucked into the colouring world so much, from time to time I love to throw a PanPastel or two into the mix when I'm colouring up an image, whether it's a digi stamp or rubber. 

Colourists don't seem to have latched onto the amazing effects PanPastels can give them - they're too busy working with pencils and alcohol markers and these lush pigments don't even occur to them to use I think. Personally I love using Pans to colour with and it's something I need to do way more!

If you're into Colouring Books PanPastels are absolutely perfect - they tend to make colouring books on low grade papers which dont take alochol markers and some other mediums well but Pan Pastel are perfect! They wont soak through the paper and you can seal with a cheap hairspray but they really suit a lot of the colouring book images which tend to be quite floral in a lot of cases - so you can cover large areas but also get really beautiful blends and shading at the same time.

This image is from Polkadoodles and it was mainly coloured with Graph'It alcohol markers but once I had coloured the image I made the background using PanPastels....
Once I'd got an overall colour on using a dry paintbrush (Pthalo Green & Violet), I then just started faffing about creating a bit of foliage, adding the PanPastels both dry and also by dipping my paint brush into water and mixing into little paint pools on the lid and then filling in lots of leaves and vines and grasses. 
I mixed in some Green and also Black Sparkle Medium (coarse) simply because those 4 colours were on my desk. All the dark cast shadow is with Pan Pastel and I also added dry black onto the actual image too to add real depth into the clothing and on her face and shoes (I love getting lots of dark shadows and this technique is perfect because you can erase it if you go wrong!). Finally I used a Graph'It white Shake pen which is my Desert Island craft must have to create loads of light and highlights to simulate a bit of fairy dust floating around. You can easily colour in whole images this way and I must do more, I love using them in this way, it gives awesome texture to colouring work. 

See you next time!

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  1. Stunning intense colours - love that background. What a great tip about colouring with PPs in colouring books.
    Alison x


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