Sunday, 1 November 2015

Colouring with PanPastels at We Love 2 Create

It's time for a new challenge over at We Love 2 Create with Pan Pastels this week - make sure you pop over and join in!

PanPastels really are the most amazing product - VERY under-rated with the craft market but totally appreciated globally by Artists because they understand how versatile and easy they are to use.

If you don't know what they are and what makes them different, think of a normal Artist's Pastel stick - then grind it down to super super micronic (is that a word?) powder, compress it into a cute little pan that fits in your hand and voila!...Pan Pastel!

Basically it means you get less crumble and less crumbs and breakage than when you use a stick! Genius! And less waste, obviously so they literally last you for YEARS and YEARS. PanPastel is pure pigment which means it can be added to almost any other wet medium to create colour!...water, gesso, paint, glue, glitter, PVA, Glossy Accents, Clay - basically if it can be coloured, Pan Pastel will do the job. SO SO versatile, I dont know another craft product that does as much as this quite honestly.

Anyway, the Adult Colouring craze is growing more and more momentum and over at Polkadoodles we have embraced it 200% with my new range of digital colouring books and pages.
As crafters, we don't think about using PanPastel to colour in our images - DOH!! I realised this last year and the first time I tried it blew me away down the road at how easy and how great the results are. You just need the right tools....

which are...
Decent tooth paper - like Bristol or a smooth watercolour
PanPastel applicators - trust me, they ARE worth every penny!! There's a reason you need them. 

I really REALLY love colouring with my PanPastels, the super smoothness of the pigment makes it so easy to create really soft blending very easily and more importantly for me - very quickly.

I'm quite a speedy colourer inner anyway but this fish is A4 and can be found here  - and only took me about 2.5 hours from start to finish because you can cover such a large area and using the right PanPastel tools means the coverage is great.
In hindsight I wish I'd printed this image onto Bristol board or a smooth watercolour board as the results would've been much more vibrant but I didnt plan ahead, so this is just on a smooth paper (Ultimate Graphic from Polkadoodles). I had quite a lot of crumbles because it didnt really have enough tooth for me but I still like the results, just wanted a bit more colour. I used small paintbrushes dry and the PanPastel tiny applicators (like makeup applicators) to apply colour into the fine areas. The only other product I used was a grey Graph'It brushliner pen just to add some shadow detail back in on the fins as I lost it a little and the paper wouldnt let me add any more pastel, and the addition of the white dots with my Graph'It Shake White pen which I cant live without - it literally works on ANYTHING. Sorry I've not listed my colours I used as there was quite a lot on this piece, I just mixed everything I had to hand LOL.

Anyway, make sure you pop over to the blog at We Love 2 Create  - you can win goodies!!


  1. Absolutely fantastic, the colouring is amazing. Tracy x

  2. This is really gorgeous. I am going to have to try colouring with pan pastels- very inspiring x

  3. Just amazing Nikky,
    You are such a talented lady,
    Bless you for sharing your picture x

  4. Beautiful! Love it!
    Great that you used Panpastel!

  5. Stunning Nikky,
    Now i will have to get some xx


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