Sunday, 13 December 2015

Colouring Crazy with Pan Pastels Challenge

Hi everyone!

Make sure you head over to the PanPastel blog at WeLove2Create today for more amazing PanPastel inspiration from the team - those girls are SOOO creative!
You can also win some goodies so make sure you enter, it's an Anything Goes with Mixed Media challenge so easy peasy!

Anyone who follows my shinanigins in the craft zone will know that the last couple of months have seen me launch my new digital book series - Colour Therapy printable colouring books.
I've been SO excited to do this - it's something I've been wanting to do for the last 18 months really since I first saw Colouring Books starting to take off and as always I'm late to the party but I got there in the end!

The first Colour Therapy includes some lovely designs - there are 10 sets with 7 unique images in each set, all presized to make life easy but obviously as they're digital you can manipulate them in any way you wish and just keep printing and printing for like, for.....EVER!

Be gone, printed books, you are a one-hit wonder!
This is my favourite image from Florabunda, and I part coloured this with my adorable PanPastels of course!

I sent this image off to a Professional printer online and for a mere £12 (about $18?) I had this printed super huge at A2 Poster size which is 23.4 x 16.5" big - MASSIVE!
When I eventually get around to finishing this I think it will go on my living room wall because for once I really love it....
I have to confess having something this big in front of me in black and white was like, WOAHHHH where the heck do I start and it was a little overwhelming, but the joy of it being so huge was that it really enabled me to colour with the PanPastels properly, probably for my first time if I'm honest and if I wasnt in love with PanPastels before I sure am now!!

The Sofftt tools are truly amazing and you really MUST use them with your pastels - nothing else lays down the pigment in the same way - this looks really accomplished in the colouring but really all I did was sweep the colours on with the sponges and it kinda just happened on it's own!

I laid the colour down just dry straight from the pan, and although the poster paper is uber shiny and smooth they still laid down amazingly well. I did a couple of sprays with Artist Fixative here and there just to get some extra depth but it was minimal.

I think looking at this I actually don't want to colour the whole thing, I might just do a little of the foreground and leave the centre row of houses undone for effect.

The challenge will be finding something to mount it onto - but I'm going to scour all the bargain shops for a cheap canvas print I can just gesso over and use that, nice and cheap.

This image is on the Colour Therapy CD/download and you can get it here:

Don't forget to go and enter the challenge HERE


  1. Absolutely fabulous. Will look awesome hanging up on a wall. Much better to create your own unique wall art than something the masses are going to have from the high street


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