Sunday, 17 January 2016

We Love 2 Create - Colouring with Pan Pastel

Today is challenge day over on the We Love 2 Create blog, which is all about Pan Pastels and getting lovely and creative with mixed media!
Head over there - you can win Pan Pastels, one of my fave products on the planet.

Today I'm sharing a make I made a while back - now I'd love to say I finished this but the truth is it is still in this same, original state! ie about 15% done!
To explain, this is one of my colouring pages from the Colour Therapy 1 Collection. I sent this off to a specialist printer online and had it printed off as a GIFREAKINGANTIC A1 poster (this only cost me about £13 which I thought was a bargain)...
And then I decided to colour it in with my Pan Pastels. I LOVE the result! The paper is heavy but quite shiny and smooth because it's a poster print - I was a little worried the pastel would just dust right off but it seems to love this paper - so vibrant!

I used my Sofftt Tools to colour this - they're just the right size to get in the details with it being a large piece, and enabled me to get some lovely smooth swishes of colour down give you some perspective on the size those leaves are about 5 or 6 inches long and the flowers are about 3 or 4 inches wide LOL...
I'd love to say that there was a whole lot of artisticness gone into this but I must confess I just let the paper and the pastel do the work here really...
What I really adore about pastels is the ability they just seem to have to mix themselves which makes really unique colours...I'm so lazy I dont really worry about colour contamination because you actually CANT contaminate the pans anyway, so I just work away with one or two tools and just let it happen. It seems to give a real depth to your colour when you work this way. I think where many amateur crafters often go wrong is they dont have the confidence to add enough black, where an artist can instinctively recognise that the more light and shade there is the more depth you can achieve...
This poster is so huge I really want it to go on my Living Room wall but I do need to find time to work on it some more yet. If I had space I'd mount it on the wall and have it as a WIP and work on it every time I passed but that is never gonna happen in this shoebox of a house!

Anyways, make sure you head over and join in the blog - anyone can enter and you could win some pan pastels!

See ya soon! xx

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