Saturday, 27 February 2016

New Blooms at The Pencil Case

It's time for a new challenge at the Pencil Case today so make sure you pop over and join in the fun! We love to see your makes and the challenges are nice and easy to enter! 

I've used the Dogwood image from our sponsor this week - it's so nice to colour up florals now and then, it's totally different to colouring up characters and almost anything goes really.  Dogwood is mainly white I think so it was all about getting shading and keeping it simple with this so I spent quite a bit of time trying to get a decent background....
Obviously this was coloured with Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour pencils...

As always I forgot to write down the colours I am so bad for doing that, but I used the light grey together with 2 light greens on the flowers plus the turquoise and sea green for the background and that was pretty much it.

See you soon! xx

Sunday, 14 February 2016

More than One with the Pencil Case

Time for a new challenge over at the Pencil Case, pop over and join in the fun! 

As soon as I saw this lovely image I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her...You can't really see it on the photo but I decoupaged her skirt up so she actually has TWO skirts, one coloured on top of the other one which gives lots of dimension to the card and it actually stands out a good 1cm from the card I really made it fluff out like a ballerina...

Friday, 5 February 2016

Pink & White/Love & Romance

Hello. Today is time for another colouring challenge over at the Graph'It marker blog and we are also all about Love & Romance over at Polkadoodles this week so check both challenges out - you can win lovely prizes!

For anyone who doesn't know, Graph'It markers are alcohol based markers which are premier quality. We're talking Copic and Promarker quality here, not the lower end 'craft' markers which are out there in their cheap abundance.  I personally think Graph'It are up there with Copic in terms of the quality of ink, and indeed the inventor behind the brand did indeed used to be a Director at Copic and also Letraset over the years so she knows her inks and she knows her markers. They are more opaque than Copic which gives some fundamental means you get an astonishing vibrance of colour when you use the markers, your work just pops off the page compared to the wishy washy products which are around. Because they're more opaque (ie the pigments are strong and less watered down) it means you get less bleeding because there's simply less alcohol mix. You place the colour next to each other like you do with Copic,and then push them together to blend, unlike Promarker where you tend to layer the colour over each other because they're so transparent. With Copic and Graph'It if you do this you'll find one colour pushes the other out of the way more instead of layering. I personally recommend using the brush nibs which are interchangable because this will help with the blending. 

Anyway, back to the Graph'It colouring challenge..
I used the Polkadoodles Lilybug collection for this cute card - such a lovely image to colour and perfect for pink and white...
From launching the brand 3 years ago the one thing I've noticed is that generally the biggest thing people struggle with is the colour chart and actually choosing the correct colour blends - and let's face it, if you get that wrong you'll end up with dirty colouring that doesnt blend and you'll think the markers are rubbish, when in fact they're superb, premium end markers.  
Clearly with any new brand it's all about building up the colour range and it takes a huge amount of investment to just bring out a whole range all at once, especially in the premium sector. Graph'It are in it for the long haul and are committed to building the range up and have released more colours over the last 3 years but they are so fastidious about getting it right they do this gradually so you can build the collection with them as you go along. Yes I wish more colours were released all the time but I don't want that to be at the expense of quality and I kinda like having to wait a little LOL. It also means you use all the colours in the range instead of having a massive range where you only use half of them because the colours are so similar. This really is a waste of money for any crafter I think.
Colours used: skin: 4110, 4125, 4105, 3105, 4145, 4135
Wings, heart and all the pinks: 5280, 5160, 4125, 4130, 4145, 4105 plus the blender and mix'it palette to blend in the darker pinks.
Hair: 3120, 3130, 3150, 3180

I have nagged and nagged and beaten on the door (not quite literally but almost) to get a new colour chart which works for the crafters who need a little more guidance than the professional art people who are all over these pens like a rash (we're talking these now being a bit of a new cult among the Manga art community) and finally after much work we now have an updated colour chart which shows the correct colour families. As the markers are numbered everyone assumed (wrongly) that they were sequential and this has led to a lot of bad colour combo choices among us crafters - we all know we don't all see colour the same way now, thanks to that blue/gold dress photo, right?
Well it's the same principle. So if you have Graph'It you need to head over to the blog and download the latest colour chart - it will REALLY help you hugely to choose the right blends and might help you get those combo's you've been struggling with a little, especially on those skintones.

I'll see you back here soon!

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