Saturday, 27 August 2016

Challenge at the Pencil Case

It's time for a new challenge over at the Pencil Case today - hope you can pop in and join us or at least just take a look at the fab colouring from all the girls

I've used this lovely Meribelle image from Polkadoodles this week, you can get it here...I struggled with my hands this week so my colouring isn't the best, I had to print my image really large to make it a bit easier as I can't hold the pencil too well with pressure. Annoyingly I then trimmed too much off with my die shape so lost loads of the extra background I'd spent ages on, typical lol...
All the flowers used are from the Polkadoodles Lavender Tea collection - the colours were a perfect combination...
Unfortunately I forgot to write the colours I used, my bad, oops! TBH It was a miracle I finished this I've had a particularly bad week of neck and back problems which really affect my ability to use pencils a lot...I think applying the pressure goes right up my arm to my neck.

So don't forget to go and check out the challenge - Polkadoodles are sponsoring this one so you can win some goodies!

See you soon! xx

Friday, 19 August 2016

Meribelle Tropics

It's time for a couple of new challenges and for a change I've managed to join in this week!

and also
Anything Goes challenge over on the Graph'It challenge blog 
today. If you've never joined us over there please pop over because you can win a selection of random prizes from all our sponsors every fortnight and all you have to do is enter something which has been coloured or painted/inked in some way - it's easy!

I am having a lot of issues with a bad neck and back at the minute which has been going on since Christmas so I'm having to restrict my colouring time in a big way, I just find the concentration really aggravates everything and then travels into my hands and fingers too - so that is a big no no if I want to keep bringing you lots of lovely things! 

Anyway I managed to join in this week and I've used this lovely Mirabelle Mermaid image called Swimming Around from Polkadoodles Meribelle collection. I decided to turn her upside down as if she was floating around in the ocean...

If you want to have a go at making this the card is a 6x6" from Craftwork Cards who make my favourite card bases, I find they're a really nice quality.
Meribelle is coloured with Graph'It alcohol you know, I adore my GI's, I just find the vibrancy is top notch and I find them very easy to blend once you get used to the colour palette and how the numbers work together.
The blue background is also GI markers too - I start with my lightest colour 8210 nearest the body and then work outwards gradually getting darker, so I then used 8220 and at the edge of the diecut 8230. Unfortunately my 8210 ran out really quickly which was a right disaster and I dont have a spare (GRR!), so I had to go to plan B! I took a piece of GI Mixing palette which is a special paper you can use with alcohol markers to mix your colours and use it as a palette, picking up the colour with either another pen or the blender pen. As I needed to do lots of blending I used lots of Mix It fluid and my blender to work it all back towards the centre. It took quite a lot of work but in the end I got there and as I'd already coloured the image first I wasn't going to ruin it by not paying attention LOL. 

I already had all the flowers stamped up and coloured with Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolours - I LOVE these stamps! So pretty! You can get them here, they are from my Oceania collection....
The GI colours I used were:
Skin: 4101, 4115, 4125, 4150, 4170, 4180, 3105, 3110, cheeks 4135, 4145
Pinks: 5110, 5125, 5130, 5160, 5180
For extra shading in the pink areas 3210 smoke (I often use this for shade, it has a nice warm tone without being too dark, I find it works with almost any colour)
Ocean - 8210, 8220, 8230 and lots of bender and Graph'It Mixing palette (my 8210 ran out halfway through so I had to do a lot of palette mixing to finish my background) 
White Graph'it Shake pen for dots and Mix'It fluid for larger bubbles.

There are a couple of sneaky peeks on this card but I can't tell you anything about that just now - but watch this space for some exciting news coming soon!

That's me done for today then, so please do pop over and join in at Graph'It challenge blog - see you soon!


Friday, 5 August 2016

Anything Goes at Graph'It

It's time for a new challenge at Graph'it today 
and As always, Anything goes with this one so long as you did some kind of colouring. 

I used our sponsor image this week which is from little Miss Muffet, but I decided to change my skintones around for a change...
It's important not to get stuck in a rut in your crafting, specially with colouring - if you continually reach for the same colours you like you will get bored with your colouring...when in fact you're just bored with those colours! A mistake a lot of people make and it's the same across anything creative, so every now and then make a conscious effort to change what you're doing, whether it's dies, ribbons etc, just change it up and you'll rediscover everything you loved that made you start in the first place!

Anyway so I went back to some of the skintones I used when I first started using Graph'It markers. Back then (3 years, omg where does time go) the range was brand new and as with anything there are always gaps in the colour scheme we needed to be filled. I found the skintones I first used were a bit orangey for me so I toned them right down, but this year we have several new skin colours and this week I combined in different combos and I am mega pleased with the result! This photo is looking very red it's a bit over exposed, but in real life this skin is lovely and the blending with these colours worked like a dream, the neutrals of the new paler shades really toned down the orangey skintones...
I always look at every image I colour afterwards and make a mental note of what i can do better next time so at the moment I am on a mission to leave more white space. I get very carried away with laying down colour, something i've always done, so on this one i really paid attention to not overdo it and I was pretty happy with how the clothing all turned out in the end.

One great tip I have for you - even if you use different markers and have no intention of ever getting Graph'It, PLEASE get yourself the following because these pens are must-haves for me and I find they make my colouring and finishing touches so much easier:

They are: 
1. Graph'It Shake White pen - I have used every white pen on the market and this is my favourite by far. I actually have about 10 of them, no joke, I can't live without it...the nib is hard enough that you can get a really fine point but it doesnt clog, so you have several point sizes and thicknesses you can achieve with this nib just by adding different pressure. It lasts forever too, unlike most other whites and is VERY opaque! You dont need to overshake, just a little shake at the start and now again to revive the mixture and keep it flowing.
2. Graph'It Fineliner pens - these are fantastic and are in a range of sizes, an absolute must for using in hair to catch those tiny curls and corners your marker just cant fill without spilling over the edges.
Big bonus is they have .003 - at this time the only other .003 you can get is a Copic fineliner which is much more expensive.

Anyway, hope you like this, I do (makes a change!)...
Colours I used are:
Skin: 4101, 4120, 4125, 4155, 4180
Clothes 9100,9101,9102, 9104, 9107
Hair - Graph'it Ultrafine black pen .003 as my image was so small it was ridiculous to attempt to colour the hair with anything else!

See you soon! 
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