Friday, 7 October 2016

HSN | CraftingTools & Supplies featuring Stamping 10.05.2016 - 01 PM

So as if it wasn't enough having ONE kit on HSN.COM, we had this beauty on air too!

Whoop whoop!

I actually missed this show live because I was such an idiot with my time conversions and I was in such a spin I can't tell you, but this beautiful Christmas kit was a massive hit! We had a little more stock on this one so you can still buy this but I know there aren't many left and obviously it won't be restocked so get it while you can, you will LOVE these kits!

They are super duper high quality and Angie and I have literally been stroking the boxes, they're sublime in quality! I am very lucky that Angie from LDRS is totally on the same page about quality standards with me so we both just know that every kit we put out is the best it can be because we won't accept anything less.

So if you want to get your winter mittens on this beauty of a kit, get it HERE! 

In the meantime I have to also thank the LDRS Design Team who made superb samples for both shows and really pulled it out of the bag!

I've not stopped saying all week how thrilled I am - I don't normally get mega excited about things because I'm one of those people who takes things in her stride but this week I've been like a bee on hot bricks over here, I admit it!

Right, over and out, I'll be back soon with more news - there's just TOO TOO Much going on around here I'm meeting myself coming backwards!!! xxx

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