Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Busy Busy week - and very exciting!


November has been a bit of a whirlwind here at PD Towers...way back earlier this year I was doing some boring old 'business' stuff, doing research, filling out forms, yada yada. So I came across this great website where I was researching lots of information about exporting - did you know here at Polkadoodles we actually serve and ship our lovely products right across the whole globe...well maybe not to EVERY country in the world of course, but half of them...

Some going for a titchy little company like us, huh, kind of awesome when you think about it in those terms...
Anyway, so there I am snooping for some info on something and I came across this great tool which was to help you focus on your exports and work out if you were doing it right and what you could do better. So I filled it all in, ticked a tiny little box about some kind of competition at the end and thought nothing else of it.

2 weeks ago we suddenly received a phone call and emails to say we'd beaten 30 other Businesses from across the UK and had been shortlisted to the Final 10 to win a big prize worth £7000! Like, WHAAAAAAAAAT?

I just love how life throws these curved balls at you from nowhere sometimes!

So, last week off we trotted down to a major exhibition for Business at Hammersmith Olympia - nervewracking was not the word! This was a huge event with 4 different events under one roof, with lots of movers and shakers from the business world strutting their stuff.

I had to pitch my business export plans to 5 important judges in front of all the other finalists, along with anyone else who wanted to sit in and listen - 10 minutes of nailbiting pitch and 5 minute of questions afterwards. The judges were big cheeses from across different industries, including CEO and Directors from the Institute of Export, the Head of Procurement at Heathrow Airport and head of Financial Services at Bibby Financial, as well as last year's winner.  It was such a great day - the other businesses were all awesome and very diverse, from a Pasta Company who literally supply millions and millions of pounds worth of pasta across the globe, air conditioning units, plant hire, a brewery, to a lovely lady making luxury handbags and shoes in Italy.

I really enjoyed just sitting back and listening to everyone talking so passionately about their business and what they were doing and their future plans, really inspiring.  There were several points beforehand where I almost didn't turn up because I thought we would never win anyway and the lure of the big London Red Bus Tour was calling me and my blistered bleeding feet and agonising back pain to give up, but no, I was determined not to be a chicken and to go for it (the persona you see on TV is so not the reality of me as actually quite a shy, quiet person believe it or not).

In the end, we were beaten by a tiny smidge to the top spot by a fantastic Frozen Yoghurt Company from Brighton, Lick UK, who were very deserving winners, but I actually think all the finalists were winners anyway and we got to take home some great prizes ourselves too which will really help our business! Cool!

So often on social media I see such doom and gloom, people wanting to give up crafting because they can't sell their things - let this be a lesson to never give up, you don't ever know what's coming around the corner and who you'll meet next week...it could be something great but if you gave up already how will you ever be there to get those amazing opportunities.

You can read all about the adventures in some of the lovely Business Press publicity we received this week....



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