Friday, 13 January 2017

Getting a little excited...

I absolutely LOVE January. Not because of the whole 'new beginnings' thing, I just like it. It's the start of a new year, my birthday (usually let myself just forget that one nicely lol)...

But this month it's a whole different kind of excitement and anticipation...

I'm very lucky to have been asked to go to the world's largest craft trade show in Phoenix, Arizona to be with the Little Darlings Rubber Stamps team and I'm so excited!

When I was asked to go way way back in June last year I jumped at the chance but as a non-flyer bad travel sickness kinda traveller it's also had a bit of apprehension attached (I get really really bad travel sickness going anywhere, there have been many a time when I've thrown up all over myself sat alone behind the wheel in a traffic jam stationery, seriously I can be so bad it's a nightmare!)...anyway, now it's here and I can't wait to get there! CHA here I come - although it will be work work work all the way, I will be amazed if we even get chance to look around all the other stands, trade shows are ridiculously busy!

And then yesterday we released this little cutiepie...
And, of course, sod's law that whilst I'm away everything is starting to happen at le Chateau Charreville...the joiner's been there this week building our new stairs and next week the plasterer and electricians are starting the first fix, closely followed by the gas fitter with the new boiler and plumbing....eek!
Shame we still have no front door LOL! From the outside the house looks like the local crack den with the smoky windows all looking like nicotine stains off the pipes hahaha!
But what is really nice is getting rid of all your years of hoarding 'stuff' in one fell swoop so that you can actually see everything properly - and I was trying to explain to someone earlier how liberating it actually feels not to be burdened by not even having to think about excess baggage when I pack next week because I have so little to take... customs will probably question why I'm not taking much stuff with me, one week and I could fit it all in a handbag nearly lol.

And then today we had loads of snow. Another reason I love January, it nearly (nearly) always snows within 2 weeks of my birthday, what joy.

So - if you're a retailer attending CHA please come say hello on the LDRS stand - we have lots of yummy LDRS/Polkadoodles goodies for your stores, so drop by and say hello!

I'll be back after the show and promise to post lots of crafty pics - after the jetlag wears off of course! Laters! xx

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